10 essential activities if you go to Lisbon with children

Discover Lisbon with children. A city that breathes calm and calm, open to the visitor.  With a multitude of unforgettable corners to explore at our own pace. Founded by the Lusos, descendants of the god Bacchus , as depicted in the Portuguese masterpiece Las Lusiadas , by Luís Camöes, Lisbon stands imposingly on the Tagus estuary. Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, the capital of Portugal is a perfect destination for family tourism .

1. Baixa and Praça do Comércio

We begin our tour at Praça do Comércio, a beautiful square with beautiful views of the Tagus . It is a perfect starting point for any walk around Lisbon with children, starting with the old town. It is located in La Baixa , the most central neighborhood in the city, built on the ruins of old Lisbon that was devastated by the great earthquake of 1755.

2. Tram ride

In Lisbon there are five tram lines.  Of these, four use vehicles that maintain an old aesthetic, which is why they have become one of the icons of the city . The most famous is the mythical Tram 28 , being one of the most common postcards of Lisbon. However, it can be a very busy and crowded tour. Therefore, our proposal is to go up by tram to the old Castle of São Jorge , starting our tour at Praça da Figueira.

3. Cathedral and Convent of Carmo

On our ascent through the city center, we will find the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maior or Sé de Lisboa , the oldest church in the city. We will also come across the Carmo Convent , whose ruins currently house the Carmo Archaeological Museum .

4. Alfama neighborhood

On the way to the Castle of San Jorge, the Alfama neighborhood is a perfect option for a relaxed family outing . Colorful and picturesque. Lisbon with children is much enjoyed walking through the narrow streets of this neighborhood with an alternative spirit.

5. Castle of Saint George

The imposing ruins of this castle reveal one of the most beautiful views of Lisbon and the Tagus estuary . It is also known as Castelo dos Mouros , since it is a Muslim fortification, reconquered in 1147 by Alfonso I of Portugal with the help of European crusaders who were on their way to Jerusalem. Today this castle is known as Saint George due to the devotion of many of these crusaders to the saint.

Its  walls, patios and gardens  also represent a pleasant stop along the way if we have organized an intense day. There we can rest and savor the landscape before continuing our trip touring Lisbon with children.

6. Elevators and funiculars

In the city there are three funiculars and two elevators. The Santa Justa elevator or Elevador do Carmo , designed by a student of Gustave Eiffel, connects the Baixa Pombalina  and Chiado neighborhoods.  And the Elevator do Lavra , the oldest in Lisbon , with 120 years of history, joins the Pestana Chamber and the Largo da Anunciada .

7. Oceanographic Aquarium

It is the second largest aquarium in Europe , with more than 8,000 species that will leave your children with their mouths open. And why not, also to you!

8. Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery

Eternal watchman  of the mouth of the Tagus , this fortified structure is an incomparable parapet from which to contemplate the magnificence of the river. Its characteristic Manueline architecture, for many brings to mind the castles and towers of childhood stories.

And if we look inland, the neighborhood of Santa Maria de Belém welcomes us with the imposing Jerónimos Monastery. Both monuments have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

9. National Museum of Cars

Very close to the Jerónimos Monastery, the Museu Nacional dos Coches is another good option to enjoy Lisbon with children. It is one of the most visited museums in Lisbon and houses a wide exhibition of carriages from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

10. Telecabine in Park of the Nations

And to finish touching the sky of Lisbon , a trip in the Telecabine of the Park of the Nations, another one of the obligatory visits to observe this wonderful city.

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