10 essential activities if you go to London with children

London is one of the first tourist attractions in Europe. An open city where families can live an unforgettable experience. In addition to tourist and cultural activities, the city offers multiple possibilities for travelers with children to enjoy their stay.

1. Changing of the guard

The Changing of the Queen’s Guard is one of the most visited tourist attractions in London. Children will be amazed by the traditional red costumes, the guards’ fur helmet and the solemnity with which they make the change to the rhythm of different music. The changing of the guard lasts approximately 45 minutes and is held from May to July daily at 11:30 am. During the rest of the year it is done every two days except for the rainy ones. Perhaps the duration is excessive for children, but you will always be surprised to see a few minutes of this act.

2. The world of Harry Potter

Fans of this fantastic saga will not be able to resist visiting the main places where the Harry Potter films take place. Children will enjoy a day of fun at Warner Bros. Studios Tour London where they can see spaces such as the great hall of the magic school and the steam locomotive that leaves from platform 9 3/4. In addition, the streets of London offer open stages where part of the sequences have been shot that can be visited on different tours . You can also make a stop on your visit to London with children at Kings Cross station .

You also can’t miss the most fantastic walking tour essential for all lovers of the Strawberry Tours saga: In the footsteps of Harry Potter in London . An experience that is based on the pay what you want concept , ideal for tight budgets. This  Harry Potter walking tour  allows you to see some of the  buildings, streets and precincts  that inspired JK Rowling and that appeared in the films of our favorite wizard. The guides are experts in this magical universe, so they can accompany any  Muggle  through central London and discover these iconic sites themselves.

3.British Museum

Even if it’s for a short stay, don’t forget to visit the British Museum with your family and enjoy  some of the most important works in the world. An area that is sure to delight the most daring children are the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection. Also, admission is free.

4. The Natural History Museum

Another of the museums that you cannot miss on your visit to London with children is the Natural History Museum . Do not forget to see the gallery of dinosaurs where the little ones will see the gigantic size of these prehistoric animals.

5. London Parks

Taking a break along the way, having a picnic or simply strolling through the parks of London can be a good plan to do as a family. The alternatives are many. You can go to Hyde Park , one of the busiest and most popular green areas in the city where children can feed the squirrels and see the statue of Peter Pan. Other possibilities are to visit Saint James Park,  where in addition to squirrels you can also see pelicans, Richmond Park ,  with free-roaming deer, or Regent’s Park .

6. Visit a warship

Kids will love being able to board HMS Belfast , a ship that took active part in World War II and can be seen on the River Thames. We recommend that families do not visit with a baby stroller as the ship has many stairs.

7.London eye

Seeing London from above is an attraction that the whole family will enjoy. The Millennium Ferris Wheel is 135 meters long and is located on one of the banks of the Thames from where you can contemplate incredible views of the city.

8. Walks along the Thames

Another way to see London as a family is with a boat ride on the River Thames. Along the route you can find buildings such as the Tower of London or the Parliament. There are many companies that make this type of routes. Perhaps one of the funniest for children is the one made by the London Duck , an amphibious vehicle that, after traveling through the main streets of the city, submerges itself in the river to continue through the water.

9. Madame Tussauds 

Madame Tussauds is the most famous Wax Museum in the world. In this space, where realism is the key, you can find sports stars, be photographed alongside English royalty, see the main world leaders, enter the Hall of Horrors or participate in a VIP   party with the best actors.

10. The largest toy store in the world

That’s what they say about Hamleys  toy store , founded more than 250 years ago. Throughout seven floors you can find, differentiated by themes, thousands of toys that your children will fall in love with. There is everything: outdoor toys, for the little ones in the house, role-playing games and even a floor dedicated to Lego figures with a reproduction of Queen Elizabeth II made with these small pieces. An essential stop on your trip to London with children.

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