10 essential activities in your visit to Prague with children

We are going to the capital of the Czech Republic to discover some of the most photographed buildings as a family, lose ourselves among puppets or visit some of its famous towers. If you are planning a trip to Prague with children , do not miss the 10 essential destinations that you have to see in this city during your stay.

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1. Prague Castle

This monument, declared a World Heritage Site, is one of the most visited in the city. The dimensions of the citadel make it one of the largest in the world . Inside, you can see the cathedral, the convent of San Jorge, the Royal Palace or the stables, which will delight the little ones.

2. Toy Museum

Inside the Prague Castle, you will also find the Toy Museum. This has an important collection of toys from all over the world, which show how children have had fun from ancient Greece to the present day. Go through the museum, where you can find doll houses, trains, blimp cars, tin robots, board games, etc. Many will love her spectacular collection of barbies .

3. Vysehrad Castle

This is another of the castles that you cannot miss on your visit to Prague with children. Located on top of a hill, it offers spectacular views of the city and the Vltava River. In addition, its interior is full of garden areas that will delight the little ones.

4. On the trail of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Prague is a city full of corners that remind us of the great musician. For this reason, one of the proposals we make is that you follow in the footsteps of the master through a tour that takes you from the House of the Three Golden Lions, where the composer lived, to the National Theater, venue for the world premiere of Don John .

5. Petrin Tower

To reach this tower, a small replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you have to reach the Petrin hill on a funicular . The experience of this unique means of transport can be very attractive for children. In addition, in this area, there is also a labyrinth of mirrors where your children can laugh while they see their deformed reflection

6. Astronomical clock

This is one of the outstanding towers of the city and, surely, one of the ones that you will like the most on your visit to Prague with children. In addition to ascending the tower, every hour you can see a show with figures that will delight the whole family.

7. Boat ride

Take the opportunity to take a boat ride on the Vltava River , one of the longest in Europe. It is a different and very interesting way to get to know the city when the children are tired of walking.

8. LEGO Museum

This space dedicated to small figures will delight adults and children, who can delight in its 340 m², where more than 2,500 original models are on display . You will find reproductions of emblematic monuments from all over the world. You can also walk through the worlds of Harry Potter or Indiana Jones, and visit the exhibition dedicated to the Star Wars saga. It has a shop so you can buy the LEGO toys that you like the most.

9. National Puppet Theater

A place not to be missed on your visit to Prague with children is the National Puppet Theatre, where you will discover why the city is called the world capital of puppetry. In addition to seeing the puppet shows , among which Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute stand out , there are guided tours where you can take a tour of the theater and see some of the puppets that appear in the performances.

10. Black Theater

different cultural visit that you can do as a family is to go through a black theater show , performances that are made on a stage of this color using phosphorescent objects. As the works are without words, the nationality does not matter to enjoy this art.

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