10 essentials on your visit to Dublin with children

If you are looking for a charming and welcoming small city to take a family trip, your destination may be Dublin. We suggest you travel to Dublin with children to discover places of legend, libraries that will make you dream and spaces of nature. There are also activities for all ages that you will enjoy a lot.

1.Trinity College

To speak of books in Dublin is to refer to Trinity College. When visiting the University, do not miss one of the most impressive libraries in the world . The Long Room has the largest collection of manuscripts and printed books in all of Ireland. In addition, inside, you can see the Book of Kells , made around the year 800 by Celtic monks.

We also suggest you visit the  Mars library  , which is preserved almost as it was in its origins, 300 years ago.

2. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland , Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the larger of two belonging to the Irish church. Legend has it that it was built next to a well where Saint Patrick baptized those who converted to Christianity. The cathedral is full of monuments and has stained glass windows that will delight the whole family.

If you want to see more religious buildings on your visit to Dublin with children, just a ten minute walk away is the Holy Trinity Cathedral with a medieval crypt that has become one of the favorite visits in Dublin.

3. Dublinia

At the crossroads of the old medieval city is Dublinia, a cultural heritage center where children can meet and face the Vikings . You will be able to learn what medieval Dublin was like, explore the world of the trackers and enjoy visiting a different time within the city. In the Viking section the children will have a great time. They will have the opportunity to try on their clothes, learn how they lived on ships, become chained slaves or walk through the noisy streets of the time.

Another possibility to enjoy your visit to Dublin with children is to participate in the Amphibious Viking Tour that runs through the city.

4. Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle stands on the site of a former Viking building. The space has served as a court, a fortress and even executions have been carried out . On your visit you still miss the construction of a traditional castle, but you can explore the grounds, take a tour of the state apartments, the medieval crypt and the royal chapel.

5. Kilmainham Jail

One possibility when traveling to Dublin with children is to visit the Kilmainham jail. It is  the largest unoccupied prison in Europe. Emblematic political figures of Ireland passed through there.

6. Leprechaun Museum

In the center of Dublin, near the tram, there is a museum of the Green Goblin’s hand. At the Leprechaun you will immerse yourself in the myths and legends of the Irish people . In addition, the museum offers guided tours from Monday to Sunday, and the possibility of finding the country’s darkest myths and legends on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Of course, the guided tours are only in English.

7. Zoo at Phoenix Park

We arrive at one of Europe’s oldest zoos , and one of Dublin’s family attractions. The visit to the zoo may take you all day. There the children will be able to see the path of the Kaziranga forest, fringes of the arctic, the animals of the African plains, birds, reptiles, the world of primates and also that of cats. One option is to combine a visit to the zoo with a picnic in Phoenix Park, Dublin’s largest park.

8. The Ark

In the Temple Bar neighborhood you will find an old building converted into a cultural center . At The Ark you have a wide range of activities for children . Children can enjoy theater performances, exhibitions or take part in creative workshops.

9. St Stephen’s Green

If you want to make a stop on your visit to Dublin with children, we suggest you go through San Stephen’s Green. As well as endless expanses of lawn (it has nine acres where you can picnic), it has lakes with ducks and swans, monuments and, of course, play areas. If you go in summer, you can also find free musical activities.

10. Little Museum of Dublin

In this small museum you can learn about the history of the city through the donations of its neighbors . The museum offers material for families . Encourage the children to participate in the visits with questions and the handling of interactive objects. In addition, they will be able to take photos at an old school desk in Dublin or simulate a speech from the lectern at JFK.

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