10 Things to Learn for Success Golden Rules of Aamir Khan

Today we are going to discuss about the most talented and very pragmatic actor of Bollywood, one and only Mr.Aamir Khan. He is a man of good gesture and known as the Ace card in the Indian cinematic Industry. If a person starts to learn from his personality then there is a lot to learn that can bring a change in someone’s life. In this article we will discuss some facts about this most realistic person:

Fact # 1: Aamir khan always wants others to benefit

Directors and producers love to work with him and cast him in their movies not only for his seven-star careers and personal reputation but there is an amazing fact hidden that Aamir Khan never takes money before work, yea this is absolutely correct that Aamir khan charge later his respected ratio from the overall business of movie, that is after the successful launch. All other actors charge their amount before launch.

Consider if 100 million is the overall budget of a movie including marketing and other side expenditures, then Aamir khan patiently waits to reach the breakeven point that is 100 million, then he let the director earn/collect his full investment first and after that whatever the business will movie do in its entire career, Aamir khan take his decide percentage after reaching that breakeven point. 

Fact # 2: Aamir khan do not regret/feel sad in life

Once in his interview reporter ask him that most of the famous movies (Dar, Josh, Dilwale Dulhania, Sajan, Nayak, Hum apke hain kon) was first offered to him by the film directors and later done by other actors and got highly top-ranked, then you must feel seed on your decision then he said: “No these movie scripts were written for those actors who cast in them, maybe they had flop If I did it”. 

Fact # 3: Respect your women

Aamir says that give respect to your wife she will make you a successful man. Aamir has divorced his first wife but he calls/invites her on every occasion like Pakistan’s Prime minister do the same, Imran khan also remembers her first wife and treats her in a respectful manner. Aamir Khan gives a particular share of money to her first wife also from overall earnings from film makings. All kinds of hairstyles of this lovely actor done by his second wife. 

Fact # 4: He always runs from ditching and fraud people  

Aamir khan never goes in award show because in his opinion all award shows are fixed, because you have to do adulation of big personalities for getting the award. He thinks that his real awards are his fans and he does not need any.

Fact # 5: Getting success is not a game of one night

Aamir says when big producers offer him a movie then he takes 3 months at least to read and analyze the script first. He read it once then twice, also takes help from some research works for a minimum 1 year. He said when “3 idiots movie” was offered to him, he liked that script in which he has to act like a young energetic college student then he took 1.5 years to properly estimate all parameters.

For example He went to college, attended classes, spent well time with students to understand how they behave, laugh and stay together. 

Fact # 6: Do your best work, the money will come automatically

Always do that work in which you feel inner satisfaction while doing, don’t bother about money because it will come anyways. 

Fact # 7: Respect and give priority to your parents

Aamir says that always respect your parents because one day they will leave you and this earth, he loves his mother most and want to fulfill all her wishes. Even he fears to lose her mother, once she said to Aamir that she wants to perform pilgrim then Aamir canceled all his plans and took his mother to Hajj. 

Fact # 8: Without being an expert, degrees are useless

He has learned only 12th classes. According to him, be a man of excellence, success will follow you. He keeps saying that learns something that suits your nature, acquire expertise in your passion then see will come towards you. 

Fact # 9: Save water

He always address to save water, otherwise we all will die. There is a probability that the whole world will fight a war with each other for the sake of water; because a shortage of water is getting worse day by day. 

Fact # 10: Never ever tell a lie

Always rely on true statements and do not speak false even it’s hard to sustain. Once he clashed with famous actress sunny leone on some matter, later he apologized to her but did not use false statements to keep maintain his personal reputation.