10 Things you cannot miss on your trip to Berlin with children

Berlin is a city that has something attractive in every neighborhood, on every street. The German capital is a child-friendly city with countless activities designed for families, numerous museums, parks and gardens where you can enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather.

These are the 10 essential things that you cannot miss on your trip to Berlin with children.

  1. Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is the most famous in Berlin and the one that attracts the most visitors. It is part of the complex known as the Museum Island. The museum was first created with works of art brought to Berlin by German archaeologists. Later, around it, the building was built. In its impressive collection of antiquities, the Altar of Zeus from the city of Pergamon stands out, which was built more than 2,000 years ago in gratitude to the gods.

  1. Natural History Museum

Fans of paleontology have a must in this museum. On your visit to Berlin with children, don’t miss out on admiring the world’s largest dinosaur skeleton , a Brachiosaurus over 13 meters tall. Alongside this behemoth there is also a 12-meter-long, 66-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex that is among the best-preserved specimens in the world. The skull alone, with impressive teeth, measures 1.5 meters. Other essential activities in this museum is to see how the world originated.

3.Spy Museum 

Germany was one of the cradles of espionage. The division in two of Berlin led to the proliferation of agents and informers, a story that the Spy Museum recalls. In its rooms, children will have a great time checking out the multimedia technology used by secret agents. They can also crack secret codes , go through a web of laser beams, or hack (or at least will try to) your regular pages.

The museum also offers an amazing journey through the history of espionage from the ancient Bible to the present day.

4.Labyrinth Children’s Museum

In this Museum dedicated to childhood, children learn as they like best, playing. His philosophy focuses on learning by doing, experimenting and playing games . Although the central axis is cultural and professional diversity, it is a space in constant evolution given that every two years they propose new challenges. The experiences of the museum are focused on children between 3 and 11 years old who, among other activities, can read stories in a Mongolian village, play at selling vegetables in a market, export products from one country to another, be engineers or architects.

In addition to the temporary exhibitions, the museum offers workshops to make traffic signs, bookmarks, soaps, etc.

  1. A trip to the past

The Museumsdorf Düppel offers families a trip back in time in an open-air setting. In this space, children learn how people lived in the Middle Ages , what their houses were like, the construction methods used and how the land was cultivated. You can see a bakery, a blacksmith shop or a medieval grain store. Another attraction of the visit is to see a breed of sheep from the Middle Ages, the Skudden sheep, which are in danger of extinction.

  1. The LEGO world

If you have fans of Lego pieces at home, don’t forget to go to Legoland, a 3,500-square-meter enclosure designed for children from 3 to 10 years old . In this space you can find Miniland, where there are scale models of the main monuments of Berlin made with these small pieces. A curiosity is that you can see the Berlin wall and how it fell. Children will have fun making their own creations, walking through the castle, in the Lego factory or in a 4D cinema.

  1. For video game fans

On your trip to Berlin with children, don’t miss the Computerspielemuseum, the museum of computer games where digital natives will learn about the first consoles or the most primitive games . The exhibition has more than 300 pieces, among which you can play Pong, a classic from the 70s, Space Invaders (from the 80s) and the first versions of Super Mario that appeared in the 90s. For those who are nostalgic, there is a gallery with rare games. The final point of the visit will be to try a virtual reality game.

  1. An aquarium with a very special view

One of the main attractions of this visit is the AquaDom, a 25-meter cylindrical aquarium with an elevator inside that ascends surrounded by around a million liters of salt water. The possibility of seeing 1,500 fish of different species of the coral reef from this perspective delights children. But, in addition, the aquarium offers a tour of 80 species from the different oceans, with more than 5,000 animals housed in 35 pools equipped to resemble their habitat.

  1. Visit the gardens of the world

Erholungspark Marzahn is a large public park in Berlin better known as the Gardens of the World, since without leaving the premises, we can stroll through Japanese gardens, Balinese gardens, the Italian Renaissance garden and the Recovered Moon Garden, which is the Chinese garden. largest in Germany. A walk through the park can take us to the cherry blossom festival or take us to enjoy a tea ceremony.

  1. A break in the Tiergarten

During your visit to Berlin with children, you can take a break in one of the city’s largest and most central parks, located near the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag . The Tiergarten is a great place to stroll, swing or have a drink before continuing sightseeing. Also inside is the Berlin Zoo.

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