10 Things you cannot miss on your trip with children to Brussels

Brussels is a European destination especially suitable for family travel . It is a city where walking with children or carrying a stroller is not a problem, with an ecological environment and in which the little ones have a multitude of activities planned to do during your getaway. That is why here we propose ten plans that you cannot miss on your trip to Brussels with children .

1. Mini Europe

If you want to travel around the old continent in just one day , and without leaving Brussels, your destination is MiniEuropa. Here you can see some of the main European monuments in just a few hours. The space has three hundred models among which you can see Big Ben, the palaces of Venice, the Eiffel Tower, or the fall of the Berlin wall. One of the latest additions is the Viking challenge to the Danish area of ??Trelleborg.

2. Atomium

Without a doubt, the Atomium together with the Manneken Pis are the two symbols of Brussels. It is a monument that remains from the Universal Exhibition of 1958 . The best thing is that you can climb into its tubes and spheres and contemplate the city from a different perspective.

3. Old Palace of Brussels

In Coudenberg, the Old Palace of Brussels, children will enjoy walking through one of the residences of Emperor Charles V. There you can visit the objects found during the archaeological excavations and take an underground journey through time.

4. King’s House

The Museum of the City of Brussels offers a compilation of the history and art of the city. Children will be able to see the original version of the Manneken Pis and its wardrobe, with all the clothes that put on the traditional statue that has been preserved in this UNESCO World Heritage museum.

5. Grand Place

The heart of the city is the Grand Place. It is a completely cobbled square surrounded by historical monuments that you cannot miss on your trip to Brussels with children.

6. Manneken Pis

It is one of the symbols of the city. A statue of just over 50 centimeters that shows a naked boy peeing in a fountain. This image has become one of the most traditional in Brussels. When you leave the Grand Place, do not hesitate to look for it with the children.

7. European Parliament

In the Parlamentarium, families can discover in an educational way  how the European Parliament works . The explanation addresses from the constitution of the European Union to the present day. Through interactive tools, you will be able to meet the 751 members of Parliament, tour the European Union and hear the opinion of this figure for some citizens. In addition, families can participate in a treasure hunt. It is a game for children between 6 and 10 years old that presents a fun challenge.

8. The comic route

If your children are fans of comics, do not miss this route where, through the facades of various buildings, scenes of Tintin, Asterix and Lucky Luck, among other characters, are represented. Another possibility, if you are traveling to Brussels with children, is to visit the Museum of Comic Figurines or the Belgian Comic Strip Center .

9. Witches

On your visit to Brussels with children, do not forget to go through Bruges, a city that seems to come out of fairy tales . Its squares and alleys resemble those of fantastic stories. Take advantage of your visit to browse its canals and, of course, don’t forget to stop at one of the many shops selling delicious chocolates.

10. Ghent

Another point near Brussels that you cannot miss is Ghent, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. You can climb the Torres de Belfort (from where you have fantastic views of the city), visit the Cathedral of San Bavon and the church of San Nicolás. Other possibilities are to enter the Castle of the Counts of Flanders, stroll through the narrow streets of the Patershol neighborhood or go to the city’s docks.

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