3 Things Are Beautiful In This World

3 things

3 things

3 things are beautiful in this world

  • Fragrance
  • Marriage
  • Prayers/Worships

If the person at the time of death is free 3 things, he/she will go in heaven

  • Arrogance
  • Debt/Loan
  • Dishonesty

If anyone offers you 3 things, do not say no

  • Fragrance
  • Milk
  • Pillow

3 peoples will not enter in paradise

  • Disobedient of parents
  • Alcohol addict
  • Backbiter

3 peoples will be under the shadow of ease on the Day of Judgment

  • One who feeds the hungry
  • One who performs ablution even it’s hard and painful
  • One who walks toward Mosque/Fane in the darkness

The person who follow golden rules and forward them to others will remain happy, healthy and wealthy.

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