30 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

American companies are filling space with satellites… and Europe does not want to be left behind. It is already preparing the competition of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

Yesterday the new realme 9 Pro range was presented, although we have already been testing the most powerful model for a few days, the realme 9 Pro+. We tell you everything in our review.

Google has released Chrome Flex, a special version of Chrome designed to breathe new life into old PCs and Macs.

Technological news

Cryptocurrencies that are growing in the shadow of Bitcoin recommended by experts. Read the news

Europe will launch a satellite Internet connection system to overshadow Elon Musk’s Starlink. Read the news

Serving webs at the speed of light, the novelty in microseconds from Amazon AWS if you live nearby. Read the news

NOT here! The serious mistake that many people make when using Bizum and that you should avoid. Read the news

How is the Safe Mode that Twitter is deploying and that affects you even if you do not activate it. Read the news


Honor will present the Honor Magic 4 on February 28 at Mobile World Congress 2022. Read the news

This is the realme 9 Pro with Android 12 and cameras that promise to be up to the high-end. Read the news

We have already thoroughly tested the newly released realme 9 Pro+. Read our analysis and opinion

Great news if you have a Chromecast and are an iPhone user. Read the news

The redesign of Google Pay that reaches all Android devices and makes it easier to select the NFC card to use. Read the news

It’s official: realme will present the realme GT2 family during the MWC in Barcelona. Read the news

The CEO of Nothing could have inadvertently leaked the company’s next gadget. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Google has launched Chrome OS Flex, an operating system to revive your old PC or Mac. Read the news

The best way to remove stickers from your laptop or any device. Read the news


This is the social network that shares more of your data with third parties, more than YouTube or Instagram. Read the news

Google or DeepL translator? Differences, tricks and which is the best online translator in 2022. Read the report

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The cricket flour and all the products it brings with it and we will see in the supermarket. Read the news

Do you want to get rid of commercial soft drinks? This natural carbonated soft drink has no calories, and is easy to prepare. Read the news

Entertainment and gaming

Robert Pattinson arouses curiosity about the introduction of The Batman. Read the news

These are the 6 Marvel superhero series that disappear from Netflix in February. Read the news

The 2nd generation Echo Buds are Amazon’s true attempt to gain a foothold in the headphone market. Read the news

Echo Buds 2

It has not yet been released and they have already announced the second season of this long-awaited series. Read the news

Dune premieres on HBO Max accompanied by a series that delves into this universe. Read the news

The digital stores of Nintendo 3DS and Wii-U close: 1,000 games disappear forever, and others are only in subscription on Switch. Read the news


This is how the engine looks after 135,000 kilometers without changing the oil: do not try it in your car. Read the news

How to know if your usual mechanic is on the list of reliable workshops for the DGT. Read the news

What happens to the engine when you drive at low revolutions. Read the news

Science and culture

This is the space tourism you can do with Virgin for 450,000 dollars. Read the news

Drinking coffee reduces bad cholesterol and mortality rate. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

The 135-meter electric submarine “zeppelin” that will transport oil, gas and CO2. Read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!