33 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

Yesterday was Samsung’s big party. In his Unpacked he presented the new range of flagship phones Galaxy S22, and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets. We have already tested the mobiles, we will tell you everything in the reports and videos that we link below.

Europe has the antidote to the semiconductor crisis: it will invest 43,000 million euros to manufacture them, and not depend on China.

How do autonomous cars learn to drive? We show it to you in a video that shows the simulation software they use.

Technology news

Topics that you should avoid when creating your passwords if you don’t you want to make it easy for cybercriminals. Read the news

43,000 million euros to end the semiconductor crisis: this is Europe’s solution. Read the news

How porn is going to make Twitter and Reddit users have to verify their personal data. Read the news

The best free antiviruses of 2022 according to the OCU: are they reliable? Read the news

Twitter is going to incorporate a YouTube feature and Netflix that will make our life easier. Read the news

The cryptocurrency boom has millennials totally hooked. Read the news


This is the new Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ with a 50 megapixel camera and Exynos 2200. Read the news

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+, contact and first impressions. Read the report

All about the Galaxy S22 Ultra: 108 megapixel camera and integrated S-Pen as a witness to the Galaxy Note. Read the news

Mark Zuckerberg recommends not taking screenshots on Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Read the news

Full specifications of realme 9 5G leaked just before its presentation. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Windows 11 wants to remind you all the time that you are doing things wrong. Read the news

Samsung officially presents its new tablets: Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Read the news


Reasons why your fiber connection is slower than contracted and how to fix it. Read the news

Is Bitcoin vulnerable to quantum computing? Read the news

The best sites to download free music legally. Check the list

Garmin has just released the Instinct 2 d?zl and it’s a watch for professional truck drivers. Read the news

This is Xiaomi’s smart coffee machine compatible with Nespresso capsules. Read the news

Entertainment and gaming

Netflix documentaries that you should not miss if you have been left wanting more after The Tinder Scammer. Read the news

HBO Max bets on the most classic suspense with its new miniseries: The Girl From Before. Read the news

On which platforms can you see the 5 finalists for Best Film at the Goya Awards 2022. Read the news

Goya Awards 2022 Films

Mark Hamill confirms that he will be in the next great Netflix horror series. Read the news

Steam Deck is already in the hands of youtubers: its performance is amazing, but watch out for the battery…. Read the news

Voice commands “Hey PlayStation ” come to the PS5. Read the news

Microsoft confirms that PlayStation and Nintendo will continue to receive Activision Blizzard games. Read the news


This is how much it costs to fill up the tank of the ten best-selling cars. Read the news

This is the simulator where they learn to drive self-driving cars. Read the news

Kia and Hyundai ask the owners of 500,000 of their cars to park on the street. Read the news

Science and culture

Cyanide and the irony of how a poison could be the key to the creation of life on Earth. Read the news

This is the best form of exercise to reduce anxiety, according to science. Read the news

A geomagnetic storm has destroyed 40 Starlink satellites. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

Lamborghini has also manufactured scented candles. Read the news

Eelume, the robotic sea serpent that watches over the seas. Read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!