34 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

Nokia presented new mobiles yesterday, and the Lenovo Legion Y90 was leaked, which will have nothing less than… 18 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi has surprised us with a mini PC weighing only 250 grams, while Alienware launches the first monitor with a QD-OLED screen.

We have new installment of our podcast, today in video format. We talked about the analysis of the Surface Pro 8 tablet and the Motorola G31 mobile, among other things. Hit Play to watch it:

Technology news

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The Lenovo Legion Y90 mobile, a “beast” with 18 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. Read the news

Red Core No.1, the dedicated chip for gaming functions in the upcoming Red Magic 7 mobile. Read the news

OnePlus Nord CE 2 fully leaked, ready for launch this Thursday. Read the news

Nokia continues betting on autonomy and price with its Nokia G21 with 90 Hz screen and 50 Mpx camera. Read the news

OnePlus finally maintains its software strategy by differentiating itself from Oppo by announcing OxygenOS 13. Read the news

More detail than a 108 Mpx photo with these charcoal paintings. Read the news

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Why blurry photos appear with your mobile and how to avoid it. Read the report

Computers and tablets

Xiaomi launches an incredible mini PC that only weighs 250 grams. Read the news

What to do if file explorer doesn’t work in Windows. Read the tutorial

The first QD-OLED monitor already has a price and is cheaper than we expected. Read the news


Ideas and applications to have a healthy and more organized life as a couple. Read the news

How to start a Podcast: necessary materials, micro and software. Read the report

Why you should put a ball of aluminum foil in the dishwasher every time you wash. Read the news

Entertainment and gaming

Some of the best moments in Spider-Man: No Way Home were improvised. Read the news

Netflix will shoot a documentary series about the biggest bitcoin heist in history and its notorious thieves. Read the news

The most expensive movie in Netflix history will arrive this year and it already has a title and cast. Read the news


This is the first trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and Amazon can ring the bell. Read the news

All the premieres of the week on Netflix: we meet Leatherface (and his victims) . Read the news

How to know which streaming platform interests you and not pay unnecessary money. Read the report

Believe it or not, The New York Times hasn’t made Wordle any harder. Read the news

The 9 best strategy games for Android of 2022 and that you have to download right now. Read the news

Gran Turismo is the latest feat of the AI, already driving better than the best drivers in the world in the game. Read the news


The tire sizes that you can put, and those that you can’t. Read the news

These are the densest lithium batteries on the market: Amprius have 73% more charge than Tesla’s, taking up less space. Read the news

The trick question of the DGT: how many reflective vests should you carry in the car? Read the news

The scooter you have at home could be illegal in 2027. Read the news

Science and culture

Lunar Calendar 2022 : when the Moon changes phase. Read the news

Creating steaks from nothing by transforming CO2 from the air is what Air Protein proposes. Read the news

Very strange tricks to sleep but which surprisingly work. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

Subsoccer, soccer to play sitting down that was invented in Spain. Read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!