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Cent, the NFT marketplace where the Twitter founder sold his first tweet for nearly $3 million, has had to halt its activity, overwhelmed by fake or plagiarized NFTs.

Have you ever wondered why you have to prove that you’re not a robot on certain websites or services? We’ll tell you why.

Don’t miss the analysis of Microsoft’s Surface 8 Pro laptop, and Motorola G31 and TCL 20L+ mobiles. Reports on what we know about Android 13 are worthwhile, what is Web 3, where to watch the Goya-winning movies, movies to watch on Valentine’s Day, the best routers of 2022, everything we know about WiFi 7, and more.

Technological news

One of the markets Most popular NFTs stop their activity because they have been inundated with scams and fakes. Read the news

The reasons why we must prove that we are not a robot on the Internet. Read the news

These types of scams are the ones that have grown the most in 2021, and you have them on your social networks. Read the news

Wall Street shark assures that Bitcoin is an insurance against financial catastrophes. Read the news

WiFi 7: everything we know. Read the report

What if in the future you had to unlock cores and cache of your CPU with microtransactions? Intel has just announced such a model. Read the news


Where does the new Motorola G31 fit in? Read our analysis and opinion.

How to turn an old Android mobile into a WiFi repeater. Read the tutorial

We tested the entry-level mobile TCL 20L+. Read the analysis and opinion

What we know about Android 13 “Tiramisu”. Read the report

Computers and tablets

These are all the news and changes that will come to the Windows 11 taskbar in 2022. Read the news

The good and the bad of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 laptop. Read our analysis and opinion

The best routers of 2022 by price range. Check the list

How to fix the “DNS server is not responding” error on Windows. Read the tutorial


Testing smartwatches should be an Olympic discipline. Read the report

What is Web3 and what are its pillars? Read the report

Guide to buying a food processor and baby food processors. Read the buying guide

Entertainment and gaming

These are all the winners of the 2022 Goya Awards. Read the news

7 classic films that you should have seen and are available for free on RTVE Play. Read the news

Where to see the winning films of the 2022 Goya Awards. Read the news

Amazon Studios will produce the Blade Runner 2099 series: it will be a direct sequel to Blade Runner 2049 with Ridley Scott at the helm. Read the news

At the 2022 Razzies Bruce Willis is nominated for worst actor in so many movies, they’ve created a category just for him. Read the news

The 9 best movies to watch as a couple for Valentine’s Day. Read the report

8 hooligan series that you can find on Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video. Read the report

5 websites to create your own Wordle-type word and logic games. Read the news

The five functions that the PS5 can do while it is in sleep. Read the report


The best alternative to Google Maps in Android Auto receives a major update and these are its new features. Read the news

Tesla’s Cybertruck can be used as a catamaran. Read the news

Text functionality does not work on Android Auto after the latest updates. Read the news

Science and culture

This smart watch is capable of analyzing sweat and warning us if we are very stressed. Read the news

Watching television before bed improves the quality of sleep. Read the news

The largest sculpture in the world will be bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

In Japan they sell this head restraint for those who use a lot of mobile or Nintendo Switch. Read the news

La Casa Loca de Guatavita is inaugurated, in Colombia, where everything is upside down. Read the news

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