5 things you should do with your dishwasher to make it last longer, according to several maintenance experts

There are few appliances more practical and desirable than a dishwasher. They are sophisticated machines that require good maintenance to function well.

Many people also forget that they act on utensils that we put in our mouths, like cutlery, or where we put food, like plates. In short, the drains and pipes have to be sanitized, otherwise bacteria will remain and end up on the dishes.

The Apartment Therapy website has asked different dishwasher repair and maintenance professionals, and have compiled 5 things you should do, so that it lasts longer.

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These are simple tips to apply, so with very little effort we will ensure that the dishwasher offers maximum performance.

Just as important, we will also have the peace of mind that it is clean inside, and does not contain bacteria.

Do not use the prewash function h2>

Some dishwashers do a prewash in some cycles.

It should not be used because this can cause the sensors to interpret that the dishes are not very dirty, and then they use a softer wash, which could leave a dirty dish or pan.

Cleans up small leftovers

Many dishwashers have a disposer that grinds up leftover food. But these blades, as well as the filter, are not reliable for very small things, like seeds, tiny bones, or even plastic fork tips that break.

These remains they end up in the pipe, and can clog it. So it is convenient to check the plates and saucepans while you put them in the appliance, so that they do not have this type of residue.

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Use detergent in tablets

Liquid soap, powders or gel, are diluted with the first jets of water, and lose effectiveness.

It is better to use dishwasher tablets, which dissolve little by little, and last the entire washing cycle.

Use a cleaner

The two experts consulted recommend using a dishwasher cleaner periodically.

It is usually a bottle with a liquid that is placed in the empty dishwasher, and a complete washing cycle is carried out.

If you use the appliance every day It should be done once a month. If it is more sporadic, once every three months is enough.

Clean the filter

A full filter at the end allows debris to pass into the pipe , or makes the dishwasher have to work harder, using more energy.

Clean it at least once a month, for optimal use.

These are simple tips but very effective, worth starting up.