9 tips for exhibition stand design for your events

You have 3 seconds to make the best possible impression with your booth—whether on ten m² or 100 m². A coherent stand concept that supports achieving your trade fair goals is crucial. Here are 9 tips for exhibition stand design for your events.

Alignment with the pre-determined trade fair goals Your stand concept should primarily be based on the previously defined trade modest goals. Would you like to increase awareness of your products? Put the staging of your products in the foreground. If, on the other hand, you primarily want to win new customers, focus on the long-distance design of the exhibition stand, e.g., with suspensions and unique eye-catchers.

1. Form follows function

To answer the question of the size, location, and appearance of your exhibition stand, the first question is its function. Every fair trade appearance brings with it different requirements. People from around the world participating and choosing the right exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

If you have decided on your mobile exhibition stand, many factors can influence the choice of a suitable exhibition system.

  • Should the exhibition stand fit in a car?
  • Should it be possible to expand it later?
  • Is the structure repeated over and over again in different positions?
  • Should the exhibition stand be backlit?


2. Targeting

Your exhibition stand should not be too product-oriented but rather customer-oriented. Design your frame in such a way that your target group is consistently addressed. The exhibits presented must show the connection to the application of your potential customer – show the advantages that he has from it. This must be visible to everyone and not just happen in the sales pitch.

3. Recognizability

Your booth is your calling card. Always use corporate design elements when designing the exhibition stand, such as the company color or font. Place the logo as high as possible in the middle of the air so that you can be found as quickly as possible. For example, high light columns or suspensions increase the long-distance effect.

4. Open booth design

Your booth should be open and inviting. Avoid visual inhibitions in the front area that prevent your visitors from entering your exhibition stand. With the help of a 3D visualization of your fair trade stand, planning your modest trade appearance will be made more accessible. The furniture and fixtures should match the color and quality of the booth to provide a coherent overall picture. Also, ensure enough storage space (e.g., shelves in cabins) to properly store information material, giveaways, drinks, and snacks.

5. Graphic design

Studies have shown that trade fair visitors pay less attention to color or design than to the exhibits on display. Pictures are in second place, and texts or advertising slogans are only noticed last. Heed the saying “a picture says more than 1000 words”. Too much text is out of place and is usually not seen by the visitor. Work better with meaningful graphics.

6. Less is sometimes more.

Many companies still design their exhibition stand according to the principle: exhibit everything you have to offer and write it down on the wall in long explanatory texts. Visitors primarily want to receive product and service information. And, if possible, innovative, new solutions. Limit yourself to a small exhibit selection that reflects your product portfolio as precisely as possible.

7. Set accents with lighting

You can use lighting to set specific accents and draw the attention of your visitors to different elements, such as your exhibits or graphics. Make sure that the booth is well lit. It should neither be too dark nor too bright nor dazzle the visitor. Beautiful eye-catchers are LED light walls backlit on one or both sides.

8. Get attention

The use of screens or LED screens with videos and product films is well suited for providing brief information to trade fair visitors. Other ways to get more attention are

  • live demonstrations,
  • interactive product demonstrations on touch screens,
  • holograms,
  • use of virtual reality,
  • Lectures or sweepstakes.

9. Be a good host.

Your stand staff should be competent, friendly, and, above all, knowledgeable. The fair trade staff must be comprehensively prepared for the appropriate trade appearance. Thorough training, specially designed for the respective trade fair, will always positively affect the fair trade result. Offer drinks and seating. Customers also have strenuous trade golden days. Visitors to your stand will thank you if you give them a little something and they can sit down.