A car bomb explodes in Padilla, Cauca

On the morning of this Sunday, February 6, a car bomb was activated in Padilla, a municipality located in the north of Cauca.

The vehicle loaded with explosives detonated near the church in this town.

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According to preliminary information, there would be a person injured.

Similarly, significant collateral damage has been recorded in front of the church of the town and neighboring residences.

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According to the first versions of authorities, the attack would be part of the threats that the dissidents made to attack the Public Force.

The incident occurred around 8:50 in the morning on February 6.
The The blast wave destroyed the facades of the houses and a church. So far no injuries have been confirmed.

“The men did not manage to reach the station itself, which was where they had intended the attack, for that the first security ring prevented it, which is why it exploded in front of the fences that are located at the road accesses to the police unit”, reported members of the Police.

A person who got out of the car used in the attack was intercepted when he was fleeing the municipality, according to authorities. He was put at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Nation.

The Public Force reported that this is the response of the FARC dissidence, Dagoberto structure ‘Dagoberto Ramos’ for the death in combat of Euclides España Caicedo, alias Jhonier, leader of all the dissidents that have a presence in the departments of Cauca, Valle and Nariño, grouped in the self-styled Commando Suroccidente.

The dissident leader died in a military operation carried out in the district of Tacuey in Toribío , on January 24 of this year.

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