A car went flying and crashed into a dog shelter

The impressive road accident that almost caused a tragedy in a shelter was recorded on video that puts dogs and cats up for adoption in the town of Engativá.

The events occurred at 6 a.m. This Monday, January 7. In the images of security cameras it is seen how, suddenly, a red vehicle comes at high speed, climbs onto the platform, rises into the air and ends up embedded in a house. The driver then manages to get out through one of the back doors.

Not only does a family live in the affected house, but there is also a shelter dedicated to the rescue and adoption of dogs and cats.

According to what one of her workers told City Tv, she suspects that the accident was caused by a combination of the driver’s drunkenness and high speed. “We believe that due to the state of dizziness and the high speed at which he was coming, he tried to avoid one of the holes, one of the potholes that is here on the road. But that was what led him to take the curve on this little wall of the platform, the car flew over here and got between these two trees,” Paola Castillo explained to the middle.

What worries the owners of the house and the neighbors is that the driver did not take a breathalyzer test on the spot. “Police personnel (tell us) that they must take him, attend to him, that they take the test there (in the health center), that they take a blood test,” added Castillo, who fears that the process will take longer. For now, the house was left with a huge hole in the façade.

It is known that the driver was admitted to the hospital with mild head trauma, cervical trauma and neck trauma.

Fortunately, no people or animals in the neighborhood were injured. “Fortunately, at the Foundation in this space we had not removed all the little animals… that would have been the greatest tragedy. There was only one of our puppies, Palomino, who right now in the subject of the revision is physically well; but he is very scared,” Castillo noted.