A man who would have kidnapped a woman in La Calera was prosecuted

Franklin Gabriel González Pérez, a foreign citizen who allegedly kidnapped a 72-year-old woman in The municipality of La Calera was captured and made available to the Prosecutor’s Office in the early hours of today, January 6.

According to the evidence revealed by the authorities, González Pérez would have entered a residence located in the Salitre de San Fermín village in the municipality of La Calera, where the woman was, who he would have taken as

The surprising thing about the case is that once the man accused of the act was able to retain the woman, he began anextortive labor to ask the relatives for the sum of 20 million pesos to release her without consequences. The National Police arrived at the scene and found the defendant inside the house, according to the report, he had the victim by the neck with a knife.

In preliminary hearings the capture was legalized and a Gaula Prosecutor of Bogotá filed an accusation for the crime of aggravated extortive kidnapping, a charge that was not accepted by the defendant. Thus, a judge with a guarantee control function imposed an insurance measure in prison establishment against the foreign citizen.