A MediaMarkt error left all its games at a penny and now buyers doubt if they can keep them

Since users are more attentive to the offers that appear every day on the web, we have seen several examples of price errors in well-known stores. Some of the most notorious cases are that of Alcampo selling his PlayStation 4 units for a cent or Fnac and the price error of the Huawei P30 at an excessively low price. Recently something similar has emerged with MediaMarkt, putting all their video games on their website for just one cent.

Evidently this was a price error on their website, something that happened around 11 this morning. However, the company has already located and fixed this problem. But what about buyers? What are the chances that the product ends up reaching our homes?

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An error that lasted barely a quarter of an hour


A wave of users has echoed this price error, which has led to MediaMarkt receiving a large number of orders. However, around 11:17 this morning, this ‘trick’ stopped working, as 3DJuegos colleagues have been able to report. As you can see in the image, every time we added a video game to the cart, an automatic discount was applied with the description ‘REVIEW FEBRUARY €200’.

The fact that the automatic discount appeared in this way indicates that the website had to have had a problem in its monthly discount system when leaving an opinion on an item. However, from MediaMarkt they have not yet offered details about this error. What is clear is that all orders that have been placed in this way have been cancelled.

The chances of keeping the product are rather slim

As Xataka’s colleagues say, the chances that a user can keep a product in this way are rather few. Currently there is no general principle for all cases of price errors, so as Mónica Muñoz González, an expert in Consumer Law, tells in this article, it will be necessary to determine how to proceed in each case independently. And it is that if we return to the aforementioned case of Fnac, after all their counterclaims, in the end they had to offer the phone with their erratic discount.

It is quite unlikely that MediaMarkt will end up sending the games to users who placed the order on the web, since the store will have it very easy to defend itself that it was a mere error. That their entire catalog is just a penny away is proof that it was not intentional, although the fact that it could have been a marketing strategy remains up in the air.