A Minecraft player recreates all of Springfield from The Simpsons in this spectacular map

Minecraft allows some pretty amazing things, really. Its creative mode unleashes endless possibilities, and it is true that many players have an apparently innate talent for creation in this type of game. In the past I have already seen a thousand creations in reference to The Simpsons but… Have you ever seen a recreation of all of Springfield? I, at least, hadn’t done it until today.

Awesome! Minecraft goes from pixels to reality with this curious texture pack

We’ve all seen The Simpsons. I think it could easily be the most popular series in history, and that there are great series known to all. Well, that’s why this video starring a complete Springfield has become so viral. Yes, completely.

This is a complete-springfield made in Minecraft

I was taking a look at the social network (or forum, rather) Reddit and suddenly I came across this publicationwhich already has almost 24 thousand upvotes, which is a real savagery even for the Minecraft community.

A quick tour of Springfield from The Simpsons. Around 7 months of building, not done obviously. Texture pack is also made by me. Enjoy!! from minecraft

  • The creator of this map has been BlocksterCraft ??
  • As it is, he has recreated all of Springfield in Minecraft ?
  • He assures that it has taken 7 months to finish, and it doesn’t even seem like much because of how elaborate his map is ??
  • We can see all the locations that appear in the series of The Simpsons: the house of the protagonists, the school, the church, the town hall, the house of Mr. Burns, the nuclear power plant, the baseball stadium… ?
  • Without a doubt, what this guy has achieved is a real hard work ??