A Zelda Breath of the Wild player manages to get out into the game’s outer space and shows how he did it

Almost five years after its release, Zelda Breath of the Wild has shown that anything is possible in its majestic Hyrule full of secrets. The GOTY 2017 is a video game masterpiece.

We’ve seen many things no one would believe in Breath of the Wild: from Link being fried for drinking the sun to the craziest parry of the Nintendo Switch game. But today is unusual and almost surreal.

Hyrule is a fascinating place to explore, no doubt about it. But surely Link would love to visit outer space, and see how his kingdom is like a tiny ant next to the cosmos, right?

Well, a player of Zelda Breath of the Wild has managed to reach space. Yes, it sounds like a joke, but it’s very real… so much so that the player himself shows us how he did it in a video on his channel.

This is ThornyFox, who reveals the trick used to reach space in Breath of the Wild. As you can imagine, it is achieved using a glitch in the title, and be very careful because the video can damage your eyesight.

Not only does it reach space, but Link himself can move through the cosmos… all product of the aforementioned glitch, of course. I wish there was an astronaut suit in Breath of the Wild, because it would scare our hero.

Thorny Fox explains how to reach space, but keep in mind that it will take about nine hours in a row. It’s crazy, but if you’re interested, here’s a series of tips:

  • You have to shoot 70,000 incendiary arrows to the ground to self-immolate
  • Link It must be constantly burning, both with the arrows and with lava and the heat of the sun
  • It is mandatory to use the Apparatus Storage cheats and the so-called ” moonjump”.
  • The moonjump is a movement that is executed by combining two glitches: Hold Smuggling and Walk on Horse.

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If you meet all the requirements, you will see Link ascend as each fire arrow explodes, until you reach outer space. A surprise that we certainly did not expect.

Beyond the merit of ThornyFox (you can see his video), it is very curious that Nintendo included an outer space in Breath of the Wild . It is as if they thought that someone was capable of going off the map. What do you think?