According to Apple, it is very likely that you are charging your iPhone badly (and any other mobile)

Apple is in it all and knows, because it’s a loud cry, that the batteries of its devices tend to last less than average.

However, they warn us that one of the big problems is that you are probably not charging the iPhone as you should.

But don’t panic, Apple has a treasure trove of helpful tips on their website to maximize the life of your mobile phone. And, as they say, and despite the fact that batteries degrade naturally over time, there are some things you can do to get the most life possible from them.

This is also applicable to any other mobile if you see that the battery does not last as long as it should.

There are certain cases that you must remove to charge your phone

Apple says that removing certain cases from your iPhone before charging can also help keep its battery healthy. This is becausesome styles of cases can generate excess heat, which can affect battery capacity.

And what are these covers? They are those that are very thick or made with materials such as foam, for example, since they are better insulators than silicon, which makes your iPhone more prone to overheating while charging.

Apple says: “If you notice your device getting hot when charging, take it out of its case first.”

Stay away from extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures can cause major problems with your smartphones, and Apple’s expensive iPhones are no exception.

“Low or high temperature conditions can cause the device to change your behavior”, explains Apple.

On their website they tell us about 3 situations to avoid and days of high temperatures:

  • Leaving the device in a car on a hot day.
  • Leaving the device in direct sunlight for a long period of time.
  • Using certain features in hot conditions ob under direct sunlight for a long period of time, such as GPS tracking or car navigation, playing a game.

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According to what they say, the ideal temperature to keep your iPhone is between 16 and 22C. Colder temperatures can temporarily shorten battery life and higher temperatures can ruin battery life forever.

If you notice that the phone gets hot, stop using it, or even turn it off.

Don’t forget the low power mode

Low power mode disables some phone functions that consume a lot of power. “When Low Power Mode is on, your iPhone will last longer before you need to charge it, but some features may take longer to update or complete,” explains Apple.

To activate Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery and activate the switch at the top.

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Don’t turn off auto-brightness

It can be tempting to leave your phone’s brightness all the way up, but you don’t have to keep it all the way up all the time. The brighter your phone’s screen, the faster your battery will drain, that’s a fact.

This automatic feature can significantly improve battery life over time >, and it’s a handy way to keep the brightness at the right levels automatically.

These are just some tricks that you can consult on their own website. At the end of everything, this is not a cheap phone at all, so what less than the quality and its functions are optimal.