Activision (COD) breaks its record in revenue from microtransactions and DLC

Activision Blizzard is working out sales from microtransactions, DLC and services. The North American company has achieved records in this regard, since in 2021 it has reaped its best results from the sale of this type of product. The behemoth led by Bobby Kotick has generated $5.1 billion directly from loot boxes, cosmetics, DLC, World Warcraft subscriptions, etc.

According to official information, this represents 61% of Activision Blizzard’s sales. Net income was 8,804 million, while operating income reached 3,620 million dollars, and all this taking into account that the numbers of Call of Duty: Vanguard have marked a downward trend.

The annus horribilis from Activision Blizzard

It also coincides with a difficult time within the firm, still under the shadow of suspicion due to the cases of sexual abuse and workplace harassment that have been reported in recent months. The narrative of containment orchestrated from the management has contemplated the creation of commissions and the commitment to commit to and implement more inclusive policies.

In the midst of a media storm, Microsoft announced an agreement to acquire Activision Blizzard, still pending approval by antitrust agencies. If confirmed, those from Redmond will pay close to 70,000 million dollars, dizzying figures that have never been seen before in the video game industry.

With Kotick’s continuity at the helm of the conglomerate in question, his future will depend on the decisions Xbox makes from now on. Some sources suggest that he will leave the company when the purchase operation comes to fruition.

The video game industry is experiencing a stage in which the most powerful companies in the sector are undertaking strategic acquisitions: Microsoft bought Zenimax (Bethesda), Electronic Arts Codemasters and Take-Two Interactive Zynga —the transaction has not been completed yet— . Meanwhile, Sony has welcomed Bungie, which will become part of PlayStation Studios.

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