After boat crash in Magangué, six missing are reported

In the last few hours, two boats collided on the Magdalena river, near the district of Tolú, jurisdiction of Magangué, Bolívar. According to information provided by the Colombian Navy, 18 people were on the two boats.

After the emergency, 12 people managed to swim to the shore and reach safety, including a minor, who was transferred by relief agencies to a health center in the municipality of Magangué.

Regarding the six missing persons, the authorities have specified that they are an adult and five minors, who are currently being sought by members of the Navy.

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According to information provided by the community, one of the boats had left from the district of Coyongal, where the patron saint festivities were taking place, and was heading towards San Sebastián of Buenavista when it collided with another ship that was moving in the opposite direction.