After the Nocilla and the nougat comes Mercadona’s latest craze: kindergarten-flavored yogurts

Mercadona offers a wide variety of products to suit the consumer, some products that practically take center stage in all the meals we make throughout the day, and one of those meals that never gets boring is desserts, some really fresh dishes, rich and very sweet that help us digest.

And if we talk about desserts that help with digestion, yogurts are always in the first position. And at Mercadona we can find typical flavored yogurts such as banana, strawberry, fruit salad or coconut, but in recent years other types of more seasonal or limited-release flavors have been included that have also delighted customers.

And one of the flavors that customers like the most is the kinder flavor, which we have previously seen in other Mercadona launches such as nougat, and which now comes under some yogurts which are the main protagonists of the dessert shelves in these supermarkets.

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And it is that one of those desserts that are sold and that is truly crazy in Mercadona is Hacendado’s Greek yogurt with cocoa and hazelnuts, a yogurt with a flavor reminiscent of Kinder Bueno , and that right now is being marketed in a pack of 6 units at 1.60 euros in the online store.

This product is the traditional Greek-style yogurt, but it has included cocoa and hazelnuts, elements that always make all these desserts much more entertaining and rich.

According to the labeling, it contains ingredients such as fresh whole pasteurized milk, sugar, water, cream, skimmed milk powder, milk caramel and fructose, among others.

Obviously the star ingredients are cocoa and hazelnuts. Regarding the hazelnuts, it includes hazelnut cream and roasted hazelnuts, while cocoa includes cocoa butter and low-fat cocoa powder, a combination that causes a spectacular flavor, ideal not only for desserts, but also for any type of food that we make. on the day.