Aida Merlano: this is the Cartier bracelet that Álex Char gave her

A week ago, former congresswoman Aida Merlano Rebolledo spoke before the Examining Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice about her closeness with the Char clan and made harsh accusations about practices related to vote buyingon the Atlantic coast.

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According to the woman, she had an affair with the former mayor of Barranquilla, Álex Char, who, according to her testimony, injected 500 million pesos to his campaign for Congress in 2018. However, the now presidential candidate denied any act of corruption and described his relationship with Merlano as an “error”.

Even the Barranquilla politician’s lawyer indicated that a complaint will be filed against the former congresswoman for false testimony.

“We are going to add at this time for the crime of perjury and for the clear acts of obstruction of justice that come from certain political movements that are trying to use judicial processes for electoral purposes damaging to people, because it is not possible,” said Darío Bazzani, Álex Char’s lawyer.

In interviews with the media, Merlano has reiterated that almost all Caribbean politicians buy votes and that it is the Char clan chooses them. In addition, she has highlighted that it bothers her that Álex describes her as a liar and, above all, that he classifies her sentimental relationship as a mistake.

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I think that’s being a little man, a scoundrel, without personality. When you make mistakes you have to accept them and pay the consequences, as happened to me” , highlighted the woman.

In addition, among the evidence that associates her with the Char, the former member of the House of Representatives has an expensive and luxurious Cartier bracelet b>, made of gold, which has a cost of 56 million pesos.

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Álex Char’s gifts to Aida Merlano

There are several designs of the Cartier bracelet, which is part of the ‘Love’ collection, all of them made in either pink, white or yellow gold and inlaid with diamonds, which are joined in two rigid arches that are removed with a special gold screwdriver.

These are bracelets for couples that, according to the brand, “seal intense romances“, because it only opens with the screwdriver that keeps the other one.

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The luxurious accessory was conceived in the 70s, in New York, USA, under the motto: ‘How far would you go for love?’.

According to Merlano’s testimony, the former mayor of Barranquilla removed the bracelet with a hacksaw, while she had to wait for her daughter, Aida Victoria Merlano , to buy a similar bracelet to take it off. According to her statements, the jewel is found in a suitcase that was seized by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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In an interview with the media, the woman who is in Venezuela also revealed that, in addition to the bracelet, Char gave her Hublot watches with diamonds, diamond-plated Bulgari clothing, accessories and precious stones, which were stored in the suitcase already mentioned.

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