‘Aida Merlano will be denounced for false testimony’: Álex Char’s lawyer

Following the statements made by the former senator and today a fugitive from justice, Aida Merlano, during this weekend against of the pre-candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Álex Char, the candidate’s lawyer announced this Monday before the media that a complaint for false testimony will be filed against Merlano.

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In a statement delivered to the media this Monday morning, Bazzani recalled that two years ago the former senator appeared for the first time in a interview narrating a story very similar to this weekend, the Char family filed a complaint against Merlano for libel and slander.

“We are going to add at this time for the crime of false testimony and for the clear acts of obstruction of justice that they come from certain political movements that are trying to use judicial processes for electoral purposes, harming people, because it is not possible. Politics must have serious rules, the electorate must be respected, and the institutions must be respected. With the dignity of the People can’t play games for political ends,” said the lawyer.

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Furthermore, he stated that on that occasion of the appearance of Aida Merlano two years ago, in which she also exposed a story against the Char, not only statements were made against the family, but also involved the President of the Republic and the former prosecutor Néstor Humberto Martínez, with the aim of discrediting them.

Bazza Nor did he add: “It is a story that comes from long ago and that begins when the lady escapes after being convicted by the Supreme Court of Justice and invents a supposed plot. The only thing that is clear is that the lady is protected by the regime of Nicolás Maduro and she appears with the intention of doing clear political damage to a candidacy. That’s the only thing that’s clear.”

We are going to add at this time for the crime of perjury, and for the clear acts of obstruction of justice that come from certain political movements

Regarding the alleged video evidence provided by the former senator, Bazzani assured that there is nothing new, since it is found inside of the criminal file for three years and were assessed by the Supreme Court of Justice, and based on which a conviction was made against Merlano.

“It is one more chapter, a vile, dirty and politician who wants to go over the dignity of people. He wants to harm families in order to capture votes, instead of dedicating himself to offering programs, ideas, results, evaluations of the administration of the candidates. That the administration is not used of justice because it is disrespectful to try to use the Court for electoral purposes,” the jurist pointed out.

For his part, attorney Miguel Ángel Del Río Malo announced that he will file new complaints for facts associated with the statements by his client, the convicted former congresswoman Aida Merlano.
“This week Mr. Álex Char and his family members will be denounced for the kidnapping and subsequent rape of Aida Merlano. Not all the gold in the world will help them save themselves,” said the lawyer.