Air fryer or air oven: which is better?

Both the air or oil-free fryer, as well as the convection or air oven, are based on a similar operating system for cooking food. This consists of the circulation of hot air

However, there are a number of differences that make them different devices and that we must take into account before choosing the purchase.

Now, let’s see what the advantages and disadvantages of each one so you can decide whether to stick with the convection oven or embark on this year’s top adventure, the oil-free fryer.

Things you should know before buying an oil-free fryer: is it really what you need?

Advantages and disadvantages of the oil-free fryer

This is a new system that allows you to fry food in a healthy way and without using oil.

The air fryer is heated evenly by air (it was clear) and heat to ensure that the food is completely cooked and crispy, in a very healthy way and with hardly any fat.

As for its advantages, the greatest of all is that it allows us to consume fried foods in a healthy way and without oil, guaranteeing all the flavor and texture that a conventional fryer can give us. It has a more elegant design, it does not stain or splash and its cleaning is very simple.

Perhaps its price is one of the biggest disadvantages perhaps also for the fame that has reached this time. Also, compared to an oven we have less capacity.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the air oven

The convection oven or air oven, uses fans to distribute the hot air throughout its interior evenly and reach to all corners alike. Food, by constantly obtaining that hot and uniform air, cooks quickly.

Among its great advantages, it turns out to be much faster cooking and does not consume as much as a conventional oven. Its operation is very similar to that of air fryers and it does not need oil either, so your food will also be much healthier.

As for their size, generally these are squarer and larger to increase capacity, something that makes them not so attractive aesthetically. The oven also needs more electricity consumption and therefore, you will notice differences in the electricity bill.

The 6 golden rules you should know if you have an air fryer

Taking all this into account, both options are really good, although one of them, the fryer, can be much more practical than the oven.

On the other hand, the price is also relevant, since the fryer, as we have said before, is more expensive. Probably one can be faster than the other, but both will give you excellent and healthy results, so you just need to check properly what your true needs are.