Air quality remains stable in Bogotá at the beginning of the week

The Secretariat of Environment of Bogotá has been monitoring air quality since environmental alert was declared in the city due to pollution generated by the winds coming from the forest fires of the Amazon and the Orinoquia.

Thus, the Bogota Air Quality Monitoring Network registers favorable conditions in two stations, while in the rest of the city are moderate (yellow). In general, the concentrations have been maintained during the last few hours.

According to the district entity, this trend has been maintained due to weather conditions such as the direction of the winds and the rains that have been registered in the city.

For her part, the Secretary of the Environment said that “the phase I environmental alert in Bogotá is maintained despite the fact that, fortunately, with the The rains between Saturday, Sunday and Monday have notably improved the air quality in Bogotá.From the Ministry of the Environment we maintain monitoring of air quality minute by minute, hour by hour in Bogotá and we also have our model forecast, which tells us that between Monday night and Tuesday through Thursday this particulate material may return to the city.”

In this way, the forecasts indicate that during the tomorrow of this Tuesday these conditions are maintained, however, it is expected that in the afternoon new increases may be registered in various areas of Bogotá.