Alarm from the Governor of the Valley due to EPS intervention

Last Wednesday, February 2, the Superintendency of Health took possession of Emssanar EPS given the deteriorating financial situation and the increase in guardianships and complaints from patients with chronic diseases (cancer and HIV).

Governor Clara Luz Roldán González asked the national government for a support for the department in view of the effects of this inauguration.

On February 1st, Supersalud ordered the liquidation of EPS Coomeva. Political sectors wonder if only the department is experiencing the crisis of these entities.

“It is with great concern that we received the notification from the Superintendence of Health about Emssanar’s intervention due to the impact it could have on the public network of hospitals in the Valley a possible liquidation of this Health Promoting Entity (EPS)”, said the president.

In this sense, she called on the Superintendency of Health and the Ministry of Health “to protect our entire public hospital network, to which it owes more than 170,000 million pesos, in the face of the risk of liquidation of this EPS.”

The Supersalud took possession of Emssanar for two months in a first phase and appointed Juan Manuel Quiñones Pinzón as special agent. At the time, he ordered the separation of the manager and the board of directors of the entity.

María Cristina Lesmes, Secretary of Health of the Valley

Emssanar, with 1.9 million affiliates in .9 million users in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Nariño, Putumayo and Cauca, faced losses for $342,180 million between January and November 2021.

The liability amounts to 1.3 trillion pesos. 78,940 petitions, complaints, claims and petitions have been filed.

The Departmental Health Secretary, María Cristina Lesmes, stated that the immediate takeover of EPS Emssanar “is a national decision that we abide by”

However, he noted that “as the Ministry we are going to request the Guarantee Fund that allows us to recover resources that have been used to serve the members of these companies that are being liquidated.”<br
The official warned that the liquidation of this EPS “would mean a financial crisis for the department’s Public and Private Health Network that we are not ready to attend to.”

For Dr. Lesmes, the possession of Emssanar gives the department’s public health network a boost.

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