All safe codes in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Throughout our Dying Light 2: Stay Human adventure we are going to find a multitude of puzzles that we can overcome, many of them behind different security codes that expose a series of riddles, some easier than others.

There are some solutions for these security codes in notes that you can even already have in your inventory, while in others you have to solve a series of puzzles and others that even require much more.

So we offer you the solution to all the security code puzzles in Dying Light 2: Stay Human that we have found so far, giving you the order in which you will encounter them.

All the codes of the safes in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

First we expose you a map of the situation of all these security codes:


1: the security code of the first biomarker

It is part of the side quest that appears at the beginning of the game to retrieve a prototype bracelet, you will have three ace Very easy puzzles to solve, and the final solution is 9-7-3.

2: South Horseshoe Moonshine Security Code

This is one of the easiest ones, and it’s the year America was discovered. First you need to find the two characters named Jack and Joe who are incarcerated in the Peacekeeper prison.

If you find them there they will give you a quest called Moonshine and the code solution is 14-9-2.

3: Houndfield Nightrunner Hideout Security Code

You can find the combination in a box located at the end of the bed, which includes the note. This will give you the combination 1-0-1

4: Downtown Bandit Security Code

You will locate this camp as part of the story so you will not lose, and the safe you will find when you go up the tower. While you get to the tower you should look for an office with two yellow lights on the ceiling, the safe is there being the combination 3-1-3

5: Power Station

En the mission called transmission you can discover this safe right in the Garrison power station.

Locate the note next to the safe that indicates that the combination is the approximate number of Pi so you must enter 3-1- 4

6: Underground water tower inside the treasure hunt

To get to it you must complete the side quest called Deserter until the treasure hunt appears. With this you will go to see a man named Albert who will give you some notes that you must read. The solution to this puzzle is 31-21-67

7: Bazaar security code

You can find a bazaar safe if you go up the tower, specifically look at a sign behind some boxes since the safe is on the left with a hint of the code behind this sign itself, where the solution is 5-1-0

So with this you have the main keys to solve each of the puzzles.

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