All the premieres of the week on Netflix: a rebellion of the machines different from the usual arrives

If in January we detected that there were weeks with very few releases for what is usual on Netflix, it seems that we have alreadyrecovered the normal rhythmand between February 7 and 13 we can verify it with numerous pitches.

Although we have the return of some titles already known by the audience, for example the new season of (Des)Encanto, this week there will also be some films that may be interesting, such as the premiere of BigBug, which will surely bring us a film different from what we are used to.

To begin with, note that behind the cameras of BigBug is Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of Amélie, The City of Lost Children and Delicatessen, among many other films in which he always leaves his own visual imagery.

The French film shows a not too distant future, 2045, in which a rebellion of the machines begins. In order to protect the protagonists, their robots decide that it is best to lock them in their own house so that nothing happens to them.

With Jeunet it is not possible to anticipate where the film will go, but at first it seems that it will be full of humor and absurd situations. In addition, it will touch on topics such as our increasing dependence on technology.

To see BigBug we will have to wait until this Friday, February 11th. All these news will also arrive:

New series on Netflix

  • On the hunt for the murderer (T2) – 9 of February
  • (Dis)Enchantment (T4) – February 9
  • The Privilege (T1) – February 9
  • Who’s Anna? (T1) – February 11
  • Toy Boy (T2) – February 11
  • The bad times of love (T1) – February 12
  • Twenty-five, twenty-one (T1) – February 12

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New movies on Netflix

  • The skyscraper – February 7th
  • Tully – February 7
  • Kanna and the gods of October – February 8
  • Mamma Mia! Again and again – February 9th
  • To the wind – February 10th
  • Tied to love – February 11
  • Anne+: The Movie – February 11
  • Tactics in Love – February 11
  • Tall Girl 2 – February 11
  • High Command – February 12
  • Behind The Mask – February 12
  • District 11 – February 12
  • The Evil Eye – February 12
  • It’s All Happening – February 12
  • La route de Salina – February 12
  • While Waiting for Night – February 12th
  • Mystery Junction – February 12th
  • Night My Number Came Up – February 12
  • Red – February 12
  • The Lovers – February 12
  • The Pot Carriers – February 12
  • A Woman at the Window – February 12
  • Woman in a Dressing Gown – February 12

As you can see, especially when it comes to moviesthere is a wide variety of titles this week to choose from .