All the PS5 improvements that will arrive with the new beta update: pin games, voice control and much more

Although there are still many months to see how all these improvements land on PS5, from Sony they have already announced what additions will be included in the new beta update that will begin to arrive today to the consoles included in the test program.

With ideas and improvements still in the testing process that could be eliminated in the face of the update that will arrive in the second half of 2022 to all PS5, the members of the Sony’s beta program can start tomorrow to tinker with the following improvements.

New group options


  • You will be able to select whether you want an open or closed group when creating it.
  • Share game from the chat tab.
  • More indicators to report inappropriate behavior in chat.
  • Control the volume of other users.

First of all there are the improvements to the voice chat of the console, which aims to offer us more control without having to take excessive walks to enable options. Controlling the volume of each user within the group is already on PS5, but it will be one of the novelties that will land on PS4.

New interface improvements


  • Filter games by genre.
  • Pin games to the home screen.
  • More apps on the home screen.
  • Improvements in the interface of trophies.

I’m not much of a trophy lover, but the rest sound like great ideas to me. No more, for example, having to navigate in search of a game that you normally go to. Now you have the option to pin it to the start screen so you never lose sight of it.

In addition, the number of applications available from the home screen grows significantly. Now we can have up to a total of 14 so that the last games and applications used (or pinned) are always at hand.

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New accessibility improvements


  • New languages ??for screen reading.
  • Possibility to change the audio to mono in the headphones.
  • Check icon on configuration buttons.

Undoubtedly the three improvements that the rest of us mortals will end up receiving at the end of the year. Screen reading was already available in Spanish, but now it will add new languages ??such as Portuguese or Russian.

Voice commands


  • Control the console using voice commands.

We close the list of new features with the most interesting option, but without a doubt the one that has the most numbers to disappear in the face of the official update for all consoles if the test does not go ahead as expected.

Initially, it will only be available in English for users with an account in the United States and the United Kingdom, so we would have to wait to see how it works in our language.

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The idea is that after a “hey, Playstation” you can tell the console which applications to open, modify a setting or control the video or audio player. As an addition, it’s not bad, but it seems like the typical invention that you then use twice.

Of course, for those who seek new help in the form of accessibility in the idea, hopefully the testing comes to fruition and they can take advantage of this new system to navigate more comfortably through the console .