Aloy Prepares For Her Imminent Journey To The Forbidden West With Fantastic Horizon Forbidden West Cinematic Trailer

In just a week, Horizon Forbidden West will finally go on sale, which is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of this year for the PS4 and PS5 catalogue. Over the last few weeks we haven’t stopped seeing new videos from this second part of the saga and Guerrilla Games leaves us today with one of the best.

Accompanying the news you can see an amazing cinematic trailer in which we can listen to Aloy reflect on the teachings that Rost has transmitted to her. Some knowledge that will come in handy before you set out on a perilous journey into the Forbidden West.

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By the way we can see a few scenes about some of the possibilities that this sequel will offer us, such as diving into the water and fighting sea creatures, but there will also be epic battles against countless robots commanded by Regalla, the villain of this new adventure, and her rebels.

This new preview is probably the last appetizer, the icing on the cake, that we see before Horizon Forbidden West hits stores next February 18, so that you already have a more than perfect plan for next week.