Álvaro Lemmon explains what he will do after the success and earnings of the controversial video

The comedian Álvaro Lemmon, nicknamed ‘the Alligator Man‘, is still in the center of the controversy due to a video in which he is seen in the streets of Santa Marta selling backpacks and records.

Although the man claimed to be in a difficult economic situation, several of his former colleagues from Happy Saturdays and some members of his family claimed that the video was exaggerated and that Lemmon is not in a situation of homelessness or abandonment.

Selling backpacks? The life of the ‘Alligator Man’ after Happy Saturdays
VideoÁlvaro Lemmon’s response to those who doubt his economic situation

Now, the humorist spoke with the influencer Jimmy Humor and reaffirmed that the video of him working on the streets is real. He also told what he will do thanks to the donations and profits from the clip.

The video of the Man Caimán

It all started on February 4 when a video of Álvaro Lemmon selling products in a Santa Marta traffic light.

In the clip, the man assured that he was looking for life after losing his job.

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I lost my job. I have to search for my life. What do you want me to do? They kicked me out a year and a half ago”, Lemmon told the man who approached him on the street.

Lemmon claimed that he managed to earn between 40 and 50 thousand pesos selling backpacks and records every day in the streets.

But the criticism began days later when some of his former co-workers claimed the video was fiction. Others mentioned that it was a lie that Lemmon had been fired from Canal Caracol, to which the popular humor show Happy Saturdays belongs.

Do we not consume fiction on a daily basis in the videos we see on Facebook? We all know it’s a montage and yet people stay until the last part of the video”, said Gustavo Villanueva, who plays the Goddess Witch.

“This is a farce, it’s not true that Álvaro Lemmon has been kicked out of Canal Caracol. He is a pensioner and if he wasted his savings on personal mismanagement it is his problem, soon we will issue a statement to former colleagues clarifying many things,” said César Runner, known for his character in ‘Barbarita’.

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Useful idiots, I keep gaining followers around a montage thanks. https://t.co/sMWqAqbxtE

– Cesar Corredor (@cesarcorredor10) February 7, 2022

Álvaro Lemmon’s new statements

After the controversy, the influencer Jimmy Humor published a new video talking to the ‘Alligator Man‘ in which they narrate what happened after the video.

In the clip, Jimmy Humor denied that the video was false and stated that he will give him everything the money collected from the comedian.

Thank God the situation was managed, things were improved. And to all those yellow pages that are saying that the video was false, that the video was staged, let me tell you that it has not been like that”, affirmed the influencer.

“All the income was I’m going to come and get it, because it’s yours, I’m interested in helping you from the bottom of my heart”, he told the comedian.

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In addition, he emphasized that he is not taking advantage of the Alligator Man, which Lemmon himself confirmed in the video.

No one takes advantage of me. I am an extremely intelligent person. Ever since I saw you I said ‘that man is going to help me’, and I know he is doing it with good will”, Álvaro Lemmon affirmed in this regard.

The man also said that he will leave of selling backpacks and DVDs on the street and that she will undertake a project to create her personalized brand.

“I am not going to sell any more backpacks or DVDs. Besides that I was already tired, I couldn’t even move anymore. But I’m happy (…) The project we have planned is to set up a stand where there will be backpacks, glasses, my shoes, everything”, he assured.

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“That will take another 3 or 4 months, for everyone to go to the Alligator Man store. They are no longer going to talk shit… about me”, he added.

Regarding the pension he receives after his work at Happy Saturdays, and to which several of his former colleagues referred, he said that he does receive a net pension of four million pesos, but he must assume many expenses.

“It’s 4 million net, but since I have so many debts and I’m paying, I only have 1,800,000 left. With that I pay for the apartment, and besides that I have to pay for other things. Give a study to the last pelao ‘who is studying painting,’ he said.

They are taking advantage of my image and my kindness. I am a person who is kind to everyone, I do not suffer from envy with anyone

The former humorist from Happy Saturdays also assured that after the video and the controversy several people are taking advantage of his image.

They are taking advantage of my image and my kindness. I am a person who is kind to everyone, I do not suffer from envy with anyone (…). Let them suffer and do things as they want. Those are seized by the devil. I don’t work for the devil, I work with God and with the saints”, he said.

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The truth is that the controversy continues, because although Lemmon and the influencer deny that the video is false, his wife María Alexandra Martínez told the 10AM program today, on Caracol Radio, that the video was actually was exaggerated.

“We are going to tell the story of Álvaro Lemmon, that he is selling, but we are going to say that it is at a traffic light so that people can see it. That is where they invented the story. we do sell DVDs, that we live from day to day, that we go to the malls,” said the woman.