Amazon Echo Buds, new wireless headphones to enjoy your favorite music, and Alexa, anywhere

The giant of the retail channel has launched the second-generation Amazon Echo Buds, its new wireless headphones, in Spain, and it has done so in a big way, since they are available, temporarily, for 79.99 euros , a very attractive offer if we take into account that its final price will be 119.99 euros.

The Amazon Echo Buds use a new design that represents a substantial improvement, in terms of ergonomics, compared to the first generation model. However, this does not mean that they are larger, in fact the opposite is true, since they are 20% smaller. This should translate into greater comfort that we will notice, especially when using them. daily and for several hours.

Amazon has highlighted precisely that, thanks to its shorter head and integrated ventilation slots, the new Amazon Echo Buds offer greater comfort and reduce the pressure that occurs in the ear canal, which means that, in the end, we will enjoy a superior user experience, and much more natural. They are also IPX4 certified, which means that they are resistant to sweat and splashes of water. If we want to use them for sports, we won’t have any problem.

Amazon Echo Buds

To ensure a perfect adaptation to any type of user, the Amazon Echo Buds come with four silicone pads of different sizes, and with two sizes of fins, which will allow us to choose the format and the size that best suits our ear to achieve not only maximum comfort, but also the best possible isolation.

Amazon Echo Buds: Noise Cancellation and Alexa

Going to the technological level, we find that the Amazon Echo Buds come with active noise cancellation technology, a function that we can activate by pressing any of the headphones and giving the voice command “Alexa, activate noise cancellation”. Whenever you want to perceive the noise around you again, just press again and say “Alexa, deactivate noise cancellation”.

As you can see, Alexa will make our lives easierl when using the new Amazon Echo Buds, since it is capable of doing many things, such as playing our favorite content in the main applications of music (Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify), make calls and we can also schedule tasks for you. And if you lose your headphones, don’t worry, you can ask him to look for them.

Amazon Echo Buds

The integration of Alexa in the Amazon Echo Buds is an important value, but what about the sound quality? These new headphones have a high-quality driver capable of creating clear sound and high dynamic range. On the other hand, Amazon has also improved the speakers, which translates into more intense bass and better defined treble, and also reduces distortion when playing multimedia content.

The second-generation Amazon Echo Buds offer a maximum autonomy of 5 hours per charge with noise cancellation activated, and thanks to the case with integrated charging system we can carry out another two full charges, which which means that the total autonomy can reach 15 hours. These new headphones can be recharged via USB Type-C and wirelessly, connect via Bluetooth and have a dedicated application for iOS and Android.

They are available in black and white, and as we anticipated they can be purchased from today through Amazon for a promotional price of 79.99 euros. Keep in mind that this price is for the version with USB Type-C charging, and that if you want to get the version with wireless charging, the price goes up to 99.99 euros. The first units will not start to be sent until February 24.

Amazon Echo Buds, new wireless headphones to enjoy your favorite music, and Alexa, anywhere 32