Amazon prepares the update of its cheapest Fire tablet

The Amazon Fire tablets are considered to be the best in the market in relation to features/price and we will soon have news once a new model has appeared on the website of the FCC regulator. A previous step, as you know, to certify the product before its commercialization.

You already know how the tablet market is doing. If the high range is dominated by Apple’s iPad Pro and in that segment only Samsung is capable of facing them with models as interesting as the latest Galaxy Tab S8, the mid-range and entry range is occupied by dozens of models with Android of almost all manufacturers that use the Google system and some ‘oddity’ from Windows (there is very little) like Microsoft’s Surface Go 3.

Amazon Fire tablets: a great option

In that group, Amazon Fire tablets rank among the best you can buy. The e-commerce giant offers several models to choose from, from the entry-level 7-inch model to the largest 10-inch model, going through another 8-inch intermediate.

The FCC does not mention the specific model to be marketed, but taking into account that the Fire HD 10 was the last to be updated and that the previous one was the HD 8, everything indicates that the renewal will be that of the most small and cheap.

tablets Amazon Fire

In fact, the Fire 7 is the oldest in the catalog with a latest version from 2019. For the update, we can expect a slightly updated design, a better screen with cut bezels, a SoC more modern and with higher performance, higher RAM and storage configurations, and a new version of the operating system for Fire OS tablets that should be updated to Android 12 shortly. And of course the use of the Alexa assistant, the most advanced on the market.

Another point of forced renewal is connectivity. The current model uses Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth 4.1, two limited standards that must be left behind as Amazon has done in the rest of its tablets. We expect at least Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5, plus a more advanced charging and data port like USB Type C.

In terms of price, Amazon is expected to maintain the super economy strategy. The current version costs 79 euros and in promotions such as Amazon Day we have seen it for 50 euros. That’s where the shots should go, 70-80 euros . If the new model is conveniently renewed, it will be the great reference in input tablets with Android. We already told you.