Amazon Studios will produce the Blade Runner 2099 series: it will be a direct sequel to Blade Runner 2049 with Ridley Scott at the helm

Although Blade Runner 2049 released as a movie in 2017 was not exactly a box office success, perhaps because the legacy of the original 1982 release was too broad, it had already been promised that this license would be exploited in new ways during the years coming years, and now Amazon Studios will produce, exclusively for Prime Video, a live-action series.

The exclusive, by Deadline, states that Blade Runner 2099 will be a direct sequel set 50 years after the 2017 film and that it is a production developed with a cast of real actors and actresses in mind that to good They will surely include well-known Hollywood stars.

Once again, Ridley Scott, the director of the original 1982 film, will return as executive producer on this new project for Amazon Studios. On the other hand, Silka Luisa , executive producer of Shining Girls, will participate as a scriptwriter for the production, although she will also have the role of producer.

It should be noted that Alcon Entertainment will work with Amazon Studios to co-produce this Blade Runner 2099 series, thus ensuring high production quality and respecting the nature of the license.

However, Amazon Studios is very interested in getting Blade Runner 2099 into production as quickly as possible to release it on its Prime Video service as soon as possible, and right now they’re working on finding a good script for the movie. itself.

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This news should not be surprising, because Ridley Scott himself, at the end of last year, told the BBC that a series on Blade Runner was underway, initially in mind for 10 episodes.

Blade Runner 2099 is the latest commitment to the franchise since Alcon Entertainment in 2011 acquired the rights to the film license to also exploit it on television under a series of prequels and sequels.