An Overwatch video with an immortal Mercy proves that heroes never die

Maybe it’s my problem, but these weeks are going by very slowly. I think it’s because I’ve been waiting for a lot of days now for Blizzard to say something about Overwatch. The hype can beat me, it’s superior to me, and look how I try not to have it after all. The truth is that I expect little from its sequel, at least a Beta, because everything else would be too much for me. We have already seen a large number of gameplays, and more would be to saturate the machine.

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I just remembered that I have my Overwatch session today, so if I make one of those cool highlights, I’ll dedicate it to all of you. And do you know which are the outstanding ones that I like the most? Those that get the support. Yes, I know, it is already very difficult to get them, but dreaming is free. Although the positive part is that there may be some curious moment with the supports, even if they are not an outstanding one. And if you don’t believe me, watch the video below.

An immortal Mercy in Overwatch

  • The creator of the clip is the Reddit u/eushyp user ?
  • In this we can see him playing with Mercy and surviving more than one attack in a row ?
  • I leave it below ?
  • What do you think? I’m highly impressed ?
  • You can see that it survives multiple ults: one from Sigma , one from D.Va and the last from Reinhardt. Without counting, of course, with the onslaught of the last one ?
  • And on top of that he falls in a little boat! Let her win the lottery, she’s going to do well ?
  • I don’t know how many of you here play with Mercy, but trying to dodge all those attacks isn’t easy strong>. Although this survival can be due to a huge stroke of luck or the clumsiness of the enemy. Choose the option you like best ?