An Uncharted starring a young Sully? That’s what the director of Days Gone wants to do

The Uncharted saga is one of my favorite franchises of all time. I always say that I have a thousand games pending but I am lucky to say that yes, I have completely passed this entire saga. Without going any further, although the series The Last of Us seems better overall than the one starring Nathan Drake, I’m more of a fan of the latter. And my goodness, you don’t know what I would give if they released a new installment, even if they said the saga is over.

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Uncharted 5 possible even for Naughty Dog: ‘It’s a world we want to see more of’

In fact, you can see that recently a Naughty Dog developer already assured that they are delighted to return to work at some point in Unchartedand, not only that , but specifically said “Never say never”. So yes, I think one day we will have a new installment, but I don’t think it will be in the short term. However, today I am not here to talk to you about a new project as such, but about something that a certain manager has imagined and even wants.

An Uncharted spin-off starring Sully?

That’s right. As the colleagues at VGC have gathered, Jeff Ross, creator of Days Gone, attended the famous podcast Sacred Symbols and there he mentioned something quite interesting:

  • The manager said he would love to work on an Uncharted starring a young Sully ?
  • He mentions that it would be a Sully about 25 years old, so that the time would be around the 70’s ?
  • In fact, he already even has some ideas, saying that he may have left the Navy for certain reasons. He thinks the story of going from being a soldier to being a street hustler would be very interesting ?
  • However, he says that perhaps the concept he has does not allow for shootings , something that ensures you wouldn’t want to do (i.e. you wouldn’t want to do an Uncharted in which the player doesn’t shoot) ?
  • Must be mentioned that Jeff Ross already worked on an installment of the saga, and it was the one that came out for PS Vita

It is not the first time that the manager says that he would like to play a certain game; Not long ago he already said that he would love to resume the SOCOM saga to counter Call of Duty.