Animal Crossing: New Horizons surpasses Super Mario Bros. as the best-selling game in history in Japan

Just when we all thought it couldn’t be beaten for a while, he’s done it again. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is crowned the best-selling game in history in Japan by surpassing Super Mario Bros. on the same ground.

In the same results report where they commented updated total sales of its games, Nintendo has published this same data for both sagas.

Remember that in the same report, for the period between October and December 2021, it has also left other data on Nintendo. For example, the updated sales of Switch and Switch OLED.

Nintendo has discussed the sales of its first-party games during this period. From releases that have recently arrived, to the Switch games released a few years ago.

For example, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shiny Pearl have put them in the spotlight. Its sales have been more than 11.7 million games sold in its first seven weeks.

On the other hand, games published in previous fiscal years are also doing well. As confirmed by the company, 13 different games have sold 10 million copies or more each.

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And now we come to the data around the best-selling game in history in Japan. Since 1985, this game was Super Mario Bros. with 6.81 million units sold.

But that has lagged behind, even by a few million more. Now Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the best-selling game in history in Japan with more than 10 million copies sold.

The exact words of Nintendo, courtesy of Nintendo Everything, were: “Overall, first-party game sales for the period from October to December 2021 were the highest for a quarter since the launch of Nintendo Switch” .

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After confirming the sold copies of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shiny Pearl during the first seven weeks worldwide, they continue to say:

Strong sales were also in games from the previous fiscal year. We believe this is in part due to the wide variety of customers who continue to play Switch.

[.. .] Additionally, total sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have surpassed 10 million copies in Japan alone, far surpassing Super Mario Bros.’s record of 6.81 million in 1985.”

With this, they end by saying “and it’s the best-selling video game in history in Japan“. Perhaps for many this was a matter of time, because in a few months it was already the 2nd best-selling game on Switch.

Remember that it was published in March 2020 for the console, month that saw the birth of the coronavirus pandemic in many countries. Although we continue with it, sales have not stopped growing, as you can see.

Did you expect Animal Crossing: New Horizons to surpass Super Mario Bros. as the best-selling game in history? in Japan?

We reformulated the question for many people: Did you expect this news long before or does it come at the right time?