Antivirus for Mac: why do you need it?

As surprising as it may seem, there are still people wondering if a antivirus for Mac. And yes, it is true that historically, in the early days of malware, it focused almost exclusively on Microsoft operating systems, thus allowing macOS users to forget about security.C

However, this situation changed many years ago. With the return of Steve Jobs to the company came the iMac, the iPod, the new MacBooks, and Apple’s popularity began to skyrocket. This attracted millions of new users around the world, of course, but also malware writers, who soon put their seen in the growing community of Apple computer users.

Thus, today’s macOS users face a much larger collection of malware than many realize, and due to the introduction of the MacBook in many professional environments, groups specialized in ransomware and data exfiltration know that their users may be more likely to pay a ransom for recovering your data or for it not to be made public.

Having an antivirus for Mac is, therefore, a prevailing need in a digital world that every day offers us more and better, but that also becomes a little more dangerous. But we must not only protect the Mac against the plethora of malware that tries to reach it: also Internet connections can compromise security of users and their data.

Antivirus for Mac: why do you need it?

Faced with this risk, the best option is to have a secure VPN, a security layer that combines data encryption with the privacy offered by keeping our IP address private, and that the services we connect to (pages web, mail servers, etc.) do not have access to it at any time, and cannot use it to find out our physical location.

When you connect to a network, all the traffic you generate on it can be “heard” by third parties. Whoever wants to do it will only have to connect to the same network and use one of the applications designed to analyze their traffic, such as the popular and very effective Wireshark. However, if you use a VPN service, all information going in and out of your Mac is encrypted, so listening to network traffic will not compromise your security and data.

If you have an iMac or a MacBook and you don’t already have a Mac antivirus and a secure VPN connection, you should know that potentially, sooner or later, you will discover that It was a bad choice.