Apple delays its entry into the “revolution” of folding devices

We’ve been talking about the foldable iPhone for years and the latest information (always rumors because Apple neither confirms nor denies) indicates that we’ll have to wait until 2025. In return, some analysts also point to the development of a large foldable MacBook that would be used for various uses.

Apple doesn’t usually rush to launch a new product category before other manufacturers, but it doesn’t escape industry trends. In the mobile industry, he has innovated like few others, but he has also been “inspired” like everyone else when news that encourages sales appears on the horizon. And when it enters a market, even if it is later, it does so with the clear objective of destroying it.

foldable iPhone

The new technologies of flexible / folding screens have paved the way for a new generation of product. In several categories, but mainly on mobile. Slowly, but steadily, folding phones continue to grow with Samsung as the quasi-absolute protagonist and two different Fold and Flip series.

Industry watchers expect the foldable smartphone market to surpass 27 million annual units sold in 2025, representing healthy growth compared to 7.1 million units in 2021, 93% of Samsung brand. According to analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants, it is likely that Apple has delayed its first foldable iPhone until 2025, the date when this type of product is considered to reach maturity.

Although co-founder Steve Wozniak suggested that Apple was behind on innovation and called for a foldable iPhone, it’s clear the company is setting its own pace. We do know that he has been working on it for years and, in fact, three days before Samsung announced the first great foldable of this generation (the original Galaxy Fold) those from Cupertino filed a mobile device patent folding and / or with double screen that covered practically any type of design.

The patent is the only “official” thing that we know of, in addition to the strategic agreement with LG to ensure the supply of flexible screens (a critical component in these devices) and incidentally reduce its dependence on Samsung in this field. The patent defined several types of electronic devices “with a flexible part to allow it to be folded” and the images shown confirmed that Apple was considering all types of design we have seen until now in the rest of the manufacturers: shell type; with two or three screens; with folded inward; facing out and with the screen placed on the inside or outside of the device.

For when the folding iPhone? When Apple considers. There is no more, although some analysts have again delayed the launch date from 2023 to 2025.

Folding MacBook

In addition to this information, another even more interesting one has arrived. The development of a full-screen folding MacBook, with a size around 20 inches diagonally and a native 4K resolution.

According to reports, the new device would be a dual-use product. Folded, it would work as a laptop with a design and concept similar to the one used by Lenovo in the spectacular ThinkPad X1 Fold, a good example of a new generation folding device that can be used as an ultraportable, as a large tablet or in intermediate uses. enables its unique form factor.

The MacBook would be considerably larger in size, perhaps to favor other modes of use. And it is that once unfolded, it could be used as an iMac or as a portable monitor. Very interesting for the versatility of use that it would provide, but as with the iPhone we will have to wait since this alleged folding MacBook would not reach the market until 2026-2027.