Apple Macs at the mercy of pirates: the T2 chip has been hacked

One of the hardware features of Apple Mac computers is the inclusion of the T2 security chip. This chip allows the computer to decrypt and encrypt data on the fly and is primarily intended to help keep Mac computers safer and more secure.

Unfortunately, it seems that this dedicated chip is not as invulnerable as Apple would have us believe. Or so it has been shown by Passware, a company specializing in password cracking tools, which has announced recently that its software can be used to defeat the chip.

In this way, its specialized program has defeated the T2 chip, bypassing the brute force mitigations that Apple puts in place to stop the computer attack.

This is apparently achieved by exploiting a vulnerability in the T2 chip that allows software to bypass the number of times passwords can be retried.

This means that, in theory, attackers would have to apply a password dictionary and brute force to break into your computer and decrypt your data.

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However, brute force is all about probability, which means that depending on how long your password is and how complex it is, it may take a while before Passware software is able to decrypt it.

Also, it requires physical access to the Mac and only works on Intel-based Macs, so for the most part, it’s not the easiest hack to pull off, which greatly reduces the possibility of our computer being hacked.

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In short, with this method our Mac will not be attacked by hackers when we enter an unsafe web page, but it can be a problem for all those who store important information on the computer and usually work away from home.

The only certainty in computing is that everything that was last-generation technology yesterday is outdated today, and that everything that was unhackable yesterday is no longer so . They are the two great truths with which we have to live.