Arcade Classics Reloaded, a book about classic arcade games that also has a charitable purpose

Dolmen editorial presents the latest work by Enrique Segura Alcalde, author of the Dreamcast books The Eternal Sleep, 1980-1990 The golden decade of retro video games or 1990-2000 The decade of the revolution in the videogames.

In this case it is Arcade Classics Reloaded, with which the author reviews the most emblematic arcade machines of the 80s and 90s.

Like the previous books, this one also has a charitable purpose, since everything that is collected with copyright will go to associations to fight cancer.

Through 320 pages, edited in color and with a careful hardcover format, the author invites us to take a nostalgic journey through games like Bomb Jack, Spy Hunter or Hang On… thus until completing a total of 50 recreational machines, of different genres and developers.

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The book includes cards dedicated to the best and worst of each of the titles that are filled, “flyers” and images of the original furniture, and chapters dedicated to genres that have been lost, like the pistol arcades.

And for those who are younger, this “trip” to the arcades reaches even the most modern machines, already with 3D technology, such as Sega’s Naomi board (which had so many, and such good conversions home on Dreamcast).

Arcade Classics Reloaded goes on sale this month of February, at a price of 24.95 euros, and can now be booked on the publisher’s page. Those who make the reservation will receive, in addition to their copy, a collection of 12 exclusive trading cards dedicated to games such as Hang On, Captain Commando or Crazy Taxi.

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If you have already read the book published by Hobbyconsolas, 100 Arcade Machines that Made History, this is an excellent opportunity to delve into the magical world of arcades , and see everything these machines had to offer from a different perspective.

And again we remind you that by acquiring Arcade Classics Reloaded you will be contributing to a charitable purpose (in addition to having a great time with its pages).