Atomic Heart, the flashy “Russian bioshock”, will last close to 20 hours and will have some “really crazy” ideas

Sometimes, there are video games that just by seeing an image capture our maximum attention. This is the case of Atomic Heart, known as the Russian BioShock for its similarities to Ken Levine’s game.

Developed by Mundfish and set in the Soviet Union during the year 1955, this dystopian adventure promises to blow our minds with its plot ideas and theories. It shares that distinctive trait with BioShock and its legacy.

Atomic Heart is coming this year to PlayStation, Xbox and PC, after a long development. In addition, in recent days Mundfish confirmed that the game would release day one on Xbox Game Pass, great news.

For those who are not familiar with this title, Atomic Heart puts us in the shoes of the P-3 agent of the KGB (USSR espionage service), who after infiltrating a secret government base will discover a dark plot of automatons, social manipulation and propaganda weapons.

The medium GamingBolt contacted a member of Mundfish, to ask about the plot of Atomic Heart. And we already know the approximate duration of the adventure.

Atomic Heart will have approximate duration of 20 hours, including the main plot and certain secondary tasks. This is on par with what we saw in the first BioShock, for example.

Our goal is around 20 hours. Please note this could include the story plus some secondary content instead of just the main path”.

Anyone who watches Atomic Heart will go back It will take place in the late 90s. This science fiction FPS is not only related to BioShock, but also reminds us of sagas like Half-Life, System Shock or Fallout.

A member of the Mundfish team has confirmed that Atomic Heart will blow our minds. Ambiguous elements, conspiracy subplots and a clear abstract style have been included. Nothing will be what it seems in Atomic Heart.

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There are some really crazy concepts that we’ve put into the game, like the whole thing with polymers, Limbo and the meta-plot. The rarity is intentional, it was one of the creative pillars while we were creating the world, the enemies and the characters”.

Atomic Heart will arrive in stores throughout this year 2022, available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Game Pass and PC. A recent rumor places its launch in the last quarter of the year, between the months of September and December.