Attack on social leader Amparo Toloza in Kennedy. Robbery or attack?

A serious attack against social leader Amparo Toloza occurred when the woman was on her way to her home in the south of Bogotá. She was traveling aboard an armored van and with her security plan assigned by the National Protection Unit (UNP).

It all happened in the Roma neighborhood of the town of Kennedy where the car was closed by a private vehicle from which some armed individuals got out and proceeded to shoot.

The UNP truck was hit in the bodywork, windows and the panoramic. The leader’s escort reacted, accelerated the van and drove ahead of the vehicle that had intercepted him, dragging it for several meters.

Although the subjects managed to escape, they left the car and a cell phone abandoned. The Sijín took over the investigation and is seeking to determinewhether it was an attack or attempted robbery of the high-end truck. The leader reported that she has been the target of several threats.

The Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, through the Units of the national model of community surveillance by quadrants, came to verify the condition of the affected people and learned that the passenger she is a social leader and that her driver belongs to the security scheme belonging to the UNP.

“Nobody was injured in the event and investigations are being carried out to find the whereabouts of those responsible,” she said. Lieutenant Colonel Álvaro Correa, Bogota Metropolitan Police inspection officer.

What does the District say? known events in which she would have been the victim of an attempted robbery.

The lady is recognized as a social leader in southern Bolívar and
former candidate for the assembly of that department, her work has been focused on
reparation for victims of the conflict, especially in the municipality of Río Viejo.

Since 2017 she has been the victim of threats, so which has a
protection scheme of the National Protection Unit. In the flight, the criminals abandoned the car and a traumatic weapon with which they had previously shot at the truck.

However , the entity indicates that the circumstances in which the events occurred, the use of the traumatic weapon and other elements, allow inferring that the motive for the event was theft. “However, due to Mrs. Toloza’s risk profile, the authorities are also investigating whether it could have been an attack,” added spokespersons for the entity.