Babylon’s Fall will have a demo on PS4 and PS5 at the end of February and details what its first battle pass will be like

The development of Babylon’s Fall ended a few weeks ago after having entered the gold phase at the beginning of last January and very soon more users will be able to try a preview of what is new from PlatinumGames and Square Enix, since it has been announced a new demo for the PS4 and PS5 versions that will be available from February 25.

In this trial version you will be able to play the first bars of the game, including the tutorial to learn how to play, but an online multiplayer mode will also be enabled for those who prefer to form groups of up to four persons. Also, all progress made will carry over to the final version.

In another order of things, it has been revealed that Babylon’s Fall will haveits own battle pass, which will be divided into a free model and a paid premium model. In the case of the former, users will be able to accumulate battle points by completing missions, which will allow access to improvements to get more experience points and money than normal.

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For its part, the paid version will only be unlocked with the game’s internal currency, paying 1,000 Garaz, and in this case what it will do is unlock new cosmetic items, emoticons, victory effects and other similar elements. All this starting on February 25, the day this first season called Eternal Tower will start, which will remain active until May 31.

In a couple of weeks those who prefer to play on a console will be able to see what Baylon’s Fall looks like, while those who choose to get the final version will have to wait until 3rd of March, the day it will go on sale on PS4, PS5 and PC.