Batman: Arkham Collection appears listed for Nintendo Switch

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight were all re-released in 2018 as part of a compilation. They are the three video games developed by Rocksteady, so Origins, from Warner Bros. Games Montreal, was left out of it. Nintendo Switch has not yet received a version of these titles, but according to the French chain WTT —the same one that revealed the existence of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the hybrid— this version will be available on August 31.

The relationship between Batman: Arkham and Nintendo hasn’t been too close in recent years. Only Batman: Arkham City has been marketed on Kyoto hardware, since it was released on Wii U. The previous Mario console was a failure in terms of sales, a case opposite to that of Nintendo Switch, that does nothing but destroy. In the most recent financial report, the Japanese announced that the console had surpassed the total sales of Wii and PlayStation 2, with 103.54 million units sold.

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The next thing in the Batman universe

After years of silence, the main developers of Warner Bros are working on several highly anticipated projects within the Batman universe, although neither of them star the Dark Knight.

Everything seems to indicate that Gotham Knights, from Warner Bros. Games Montreal, will be the first to make an appearance. Although not part of the Batman: Arkham canon, the game reflects a Gotham without Batman, so other superheroes have to deal with the villains.

Rocksteady, for its part, is preparing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a video game in which we will control the evil faces of DC against the superheroes. The release date is not set yet, but it seems that it will not see the light until next year 2023.

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