Someone has created this world good looking, and to increase the beauty of this place the Creator has added multiple sources. Like Colored Ocean, huge Mountains, Islands, deep Caves, Snowy areas, Rainbow, Vast deserts, beautiful forests, and eye-catching Waterfalls.

Waterfall is like a masterpiece, a scene that is purely made up of natural physical phenomenon, an excellent view that leaves a person in a state of shock and wonder. Waterfalls are present in this world at different places and in various sizes, but on seeing them you would definitely admire the powers of Creator.

In this article we are going to show you the best waterfalls around a globe:

  • IGUASSU FALLS is at the top of the most beautiful list of waterfalls, located in Argentina, Brazil. This waterfall covers a distance of 2 kilometers, and a flow of water is 1000 cubic meters per second. Iguassu waterfall consists of 275 little waterfalls and cascades. 
  • VICTORIA FALLS is located in Livingston, Zimbabwe. It has a height of 108m and width 1.7km. Water while falling creates a water fumes that makes cloud and then rainbow colors appear on it. This attractive beauty makes Victoria Falls UNESCO heritage site.  
  • NIAGARA FALLS has belonged to Ontario, Canada/New York, USA. It is huge and powerful waterfall with a flow of 7000 cubic meters per second.  
  • ANGEL FALLS is in Canaima, Venezuela. Recognize as the tallest waterfall in the world. Flowing from the top of the mountain in the forest and covering a total drop of 980m. 
  • KAEITEUR FALLS is being located in Potaro River, Guyana. It is comprised of rectangular shape 741 ft tall and 370 ft wide. Said to be the tallest single-drop waterfall. 
  • GULFOSS FALLS is in Huakadalur, Iceland. This waterfall left the visitor in a shock because of uniqueness which has not been seen in any part of the world before.