Bethesda will shut down its launcher on PC; what will happen to their games?

Bethesda ends support for its launcher on PC. The US company confirms the closure during the month of May: They encourage users to migrate their library to Steam, since it will be the one they will use from now on. We answer your questions if you are part of the platform.

How will you play the games you have on the Bethesda launcher and what will happen to your games?

Beginning in April, Bethesda will allow you to migrate your library to your Steam account. All titles you own will become available at no additional cost on the Valve platform, including any other purchases you’ve made. Some of the saved games will transfer automatically; titles not supported for this feature will require a manual move. From the study they emphasize that they will share more details of the process once it is available.

What will happen to your coin stash in games like Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online?

The migration to your Steam profile will be complete and will include all the paid virtual currencies that you have acquired.

What will happen to Fallout 76?

You’ll keep the progress you’ve made on all your characters, including Fallout 76’s camp and post-launch service seasons. Your friends list won’t be lost either. You must ensure that your Bethesda account is linked to your Steam profile; More details will be shared as the migration date gets closer.

The same goes if you’re a Fallout 1st subscriber. You will be rewarded on Steam with the remaining months until you renew the year. For example, if you have 6 left, you will receive Atoms proportional to that slot.

Will the closure affect The Elder Scrolls: Online?

Not at all. The Elder Scrolls: Online operates on a launcher exclusive to the game and independent of Bethesda.

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